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Adv Dip Yoga Course Overview - 2018

13 Jan 2018   Shanti Gowans

Adv Dip Yoga 10555NAT Course Overview



- Mat practice is necessary and the honour system applies. If you are local and would like to do your mat practice at a Shanti yoga centre, please enquire about attendance. 
- Monthly Weekend tutorials (see schedule below) are provided for face-to-face learning, or can be attended on skype.
- Teaching practicum - 100 hours
- Business challenge project
- Residential retreats in silence at Nirvana Wellness retreat on the Gold coast are a gift to you. They are optional and non-transferable. Note:  Student has a choice of attending 4 our of 5 retreats shown below.


- Course materials
- Tuition and training. Face to face, and online.
- Retreats inclusive of accommodation, meals and program
- Student card
- Discount for full fee, or Payment plan (+10% admin fee)
- Assessment
- Qualification.



Participants undertake pre-reading in order to maximise their learning experience throughout the program. At this stage, you must reflect deeply on your own journey and life aspirations.



• Reflections of a Yogi by Shanti Gowans 
• Bhagavad Gita - on line. http://www.shantiyoga.com.au/articles/cat/bhagavad-gita

Online Course Units

BSBFLM303    Contribute to effective workplace relationships 
BSBSMB404    Undertake small business planning 
BSBSMB405    Monitor and manage small business operations 
CHCPRP003    Reflect on and improve own professional practice  
HLTAAP003      Analyse and respond to client health information 
CHCPRP005    Engage with health professionals and the health system 
HLTCOM503D  Manage a practice 
HLTHIR501C    Maintain an effective health work environment
BeSpoke Units
YOGLYS601A   Lead yoga sessions for youth (Education for Peace: Peaceful Warrior). Weekend tutorial $2995
YOGYBC602A  Instruct yoga for back care (Healthy back facilitator training). Weekend tutorial $2995
YOGAYP603A   Instruct clients in advanced yoga postures. Weekend tutorial $2995
YOGIAB604A    Instruct advanced yoga breathing. Weekend tutorial $2995
YOGIAR605A    Instruct advanced yoga relaxation
                          (The art of slowing down to create meaning, purpose, fulfillment). Weekend tutorial $2995
YOGIMM606A   Instruct clients in the use of mindfulness meditation. 4 x Residential weekends $3000
YOGYSN607A   Plan and Deliver Yoga Programs to Special Needs Clients
                          (Yoga for healthy ageing. Facilitating Chair Yoga) Weekend training. $2995

Advanced Diploma Yoga workshop tutorials are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. There are 4 retreats which are residential. They cover:

2018       PROGRAM PARTICIPATION                  DATES                      RESOURCES 

Session 1   Calm Abiding residential retreat           Weekend 2-4 Feb      Maha Satipatthana Sutra
Session 2   Facilitating Yoga for Youth                    Sat &Sun 24-25 Feb  Practising Peace      
                   Education for Peace: Peaceful Warrior
Session 3   Healthy Back Facilitator Training          Sat & Sun17,18 Mar  Healthy Back
                   and Empowerment                        
Session 4   Abundance and Creativity                     Sunday, 22 April        Abundance                 
Session 5   Yoga Sutra: Vibuthi Pada                      Th 19 Apr-28 June    The Yoga Sutra              
Session 6   Asana - the next level                            Sat, Sun19,20 May   Adv Dip Asana Manual
                   Mindful Leadership, Change and Innovation                           Bhagavad Gita                                                                              
Session 7   Cultivating Mindfulness                          Weekend 1-3 June    Maha Satipatthana Sutra
                   Silent residential retreat
Session 8   Facilitating Yoga for Special needs       Sat & Sun 23, 24 June
                   Yoga and the Art of Healthy Ageing
                   Facilitating Chair Yoga                                       
Session 9   Training the Mind residential retreat        Weekend 3-5 Aug        Lojong
Session 10 Pranayama - the next level                      Sat & Sun 25,26 Aug   Breathe for Health                             
                   Building Resilience                                                                       Inner Peace Handbook
                   Presence and Communication                                                                          
Session 11 Yoga Nidra. Facilitator training                 Sat & Sun15,16 Sept   Yoga Nidra  
                   The art of slowing down 
                   to create meaning, purpose, fulfillment                          
Session 12 Yoga Sutra: Kaivalya Pada                      Th 11 Oct-13 Dec         The Yoga Sutra
Session 13 Love is the answer, peace is the way      Weekend 12-14 Oct      Prajna Paramita Hrdiya Sutra      
Session 14 Yoga Teacher Professional development Sat & Sun 10, 11 Nov   Teaching Yoga         
                   The Future of Health and Wellbeing
                    Insight into the Art of Teaching Yoga
                    What Building a High Performance Life really means in Yoga                                        
Session 15  Peace in Every Breath retreat                Weekend 7-9 Dec          Maha Satipatthana Sutra
Graduation Ceremony 

Weekly Institute Practice and Attendance (local and CRICOS international students only)

Monday        1.00 - 4pm + 5:30-7:30pm
Tuesday       6.30 - 9pm (2.5hrs)
Wednesday  6:30 - 9pm (2.5hrs)
Thursday    10:15am-1:30pm (3.25hrs)
Teaching:     100 hours
- Full time students must complete their lectures, tutorials and attendance within the allocated period.
- It is mandatory to sign off hours attended immediately after each and every attendance (class, tutorial, retreat, whatever) and student log books need to be kept current. They remain the property of the Institute in your file for assessment validation.


Mindfulness  (Maha Satipatthana Sutra)
Training the Mind retreat (Lojong)        
Love is the answer, Peace is the way (Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra)                 
Peace in every breath

Indian Arts and Culture OPTIONAL. No fee for course students

Kirtan, Bhajan, Mantra                  Alt. Mon 2-3:15pm 
Bollywood choreographed dance Monday 6:30-7:15pm
Sanskrit                                         Monday 2-5pm.  • 5 March 2018  OR 5 November 2018 
Sutras                                           Thurs 2-3:30pm. • 19 April - 28 June  2018 • 11 Oct - 12 Dec 2018



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