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21 Apr 2018   (unknown author)

Out of town and interstate students sometimes opt to 'camp' at the Shanti Yoga centre. Conditions apply.

The Centre is in active use with Yoga classes, tutorials, massage, treatments, lectures, movies, chanting, public speaking, consultations, and so on being conducted on both a regular and ad hoc basis.

Shanti Yoga workplace ethics
• May our intellect travel on the wings of goodness, beauty and truth.
• May we all think, speak and act from our highest of highest selves and for the common good.


The campus is not a residence, boarding house, camping site, or a facility for friends. It is our work place, and as such, we need to have the premises ready for staff and outsiders by 8:30am. This means that all personal property, dirty dishes etc. of the student needs to be put away, and the centre tidied up, so that both the centre and the student are looking respectable, which is respectful of the Shanti Yoga workplace ethic, thereby delivering its intention.
‘Camping’ at the Windmill Street (Southport) HIA campus is a privilege that is offered to current HIA course students who meet the Institute’s criteria, including
- Non smoking
- No drugs or alcohol
- No animal consumption
- Personal and public hygiene
- Tidiness
No invitees, guests or students are to camp overnight without the prior knowledge and permission of the appropriate Shanti Yoga teacher/admin staff. A fee of $60 will be levied to the person who 'camps' without permission.

Key register

So that we can keep track of the Windmill Street key/s, and know their whereabouts, keys are required to be signed out and in. This, if they have not been returned, we are able to track them down. The costs build up unnecessarily if we need to keep getting new keys cut. Regardless of whether we know if the keys are with you, if we do not receive a key back in a timely manner i.e. for the next person to use, you will be charged $35.


- Conserve water.. Please be mindful about the duration of your showers.
- Please bring your own towel and bath mat, and contribute for the use of toiletries, or pay for towel hire/laundry @$3 per towel. If possible, bing a pair of thongs to us in the shower (OH&S).
- Wipe the shower down. 
- Wipe up water from floor with mop. 
The centre is equipped with a kitchenette, not a kitchen.
- Please do not cook at the centre. 
- No gas stoves are permitted to be used on the premises.
- If you use the microwave (to heat your pre-prepared food) or kettle, please ensure that you clean all equipment  and leave it spotless after every use. 


All dishes to be washed (not just rinsed), dried and put away. All dishes are to be spotless.


- Turn lights off after yourself and do not leave light/s on in rooms you are not using.
- Turn off lights at night.
- In the absence of a night light in the hallway, please bring a torch to navigate your way to the lights when you need to switch them on.
- Please be mindful about turning off the toilet lights too.
Air Conditioning/heating

The use of airconditioning/heater is not free. If you choose to use heating or cooling, an appropriate fee ($25 per night) is to be paid to reception.


There is a sofa-bed with a mattress, and a couple of sofas. Alternatively, the yoga mats at Windmill Street may be used by students to sleep on. 


If you would like to volunteer some of your time, feel free to ask for some tasks. Duties such as emptying the dishwasher and rubbish bins always need doing.

Campers might like to be reminded to BYO
- Torch
- Towel
- Toileteries
Ayurvedic Student Responsibility

This is your Ayurvedic Spa. To ensure that the premises is clean and tidy, you need to take responsibility. Here are some reminders:

- All used massage towels and sheets removed for cleaning.
- The massage table/s wiped down, all oil removed, and the table disinfected after each use.
- The steamer/s need to the cleaned after every use.
- Any bowls or basins used are to be emptied, washed, dried and put away. 
- Disposable undergarments are to be wrapped and hygenically discarded in the appropriate bin.
- All bins to have re-cycled garbage bags (from the supermarket) in them. The moment one is removed, it should be replaced immediately with a ‘fresh’ one. 
- All bins need to be emptied. No rubbish is to stay in the centre overnight.
- Clean massage sheets and towels need to be folded (corner to corner, edge-to edge) or rolled up and put away, in a way that passes commercial ‘visual merchandising’ standards.
- Floors need to be kept tidy - swept and mopped
- All equipment needs to be cleaned, disinfected and put back after every use.
- Toilet paper is to be replaced immediately.
- Toilets, showers to be clean at all times.
- No dishes or equipment of any kind is to be 'borrowed' from the Scarborough Street campus without prior permission from the appropriate teacher/administration staff.
- Manage the ‘campers’.
With blessings and namaste
from management and fellow happy campers.



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