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Chavanprash and Raktavardhak

4 Jul 2018   (unknown author)
Ayurveda has a brilliant product that is the world's best kept secret. It is a bit of a tongue-twister, called Chavanprashavaleha, or Chavanprash for short!
Chavanprash is an ayurvedic product that comes in the form of a thick jam like paste. It is comprised of 40 natural herbo-mineral ingredients and is an amazing super food.
Chavanprash is the best rejuvenating preparation for longevity, strength and vigour and assists the immune system by helping increase the defence mechanism against infections, coughs and colds.
It is a nourishing food suppliment for all kinds of weaknesses and is useful for all age groups. It is highly recommended as being one of the best medicines for the prevention of recurrent respiratory problems.
One of Chavanprash's key ingredients is Amalaki, which is a fruit grown in India that contains the highest vitamin C content of any fruit in the world. Furthermore, Amalaki has a unique property whereby it's vitamin C is not destroyed when cooked, as during the process of making Chavanprash.
Chavanprash has a sister product called Raktavardhak which has had a few more ingredients added, most importantly, iron, making it beneficial for anyone suffering from anaemia. Unlike over the counter iron suppliments, Raktavardhak has a  highly assimilable iron combined with other ingredients to assist in its absorption and to prevent the common side effect of most iron supplements, which is constipation.
Be aware of cheap imitations, as according to an eminent ayurvedic doctor, there isn't enough Amalaki in India to produce all the Chavanprash that is exported from India every year. 
For its rejuvenating properties, a teaspoon of Chavanprash (or Raktavarkhak) are best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. For those with coughs and colds, another teasooon of Chavanprash can be taken after lunch. For those suffering from anaemia, a further teaspoon of Raktavardhak can be taken after lunch.
Health Institute Australia has sourced Chavanprash and Raktavardhak from a highly reputable Ayurvedic manufacturer in India, and many of us have personally inspected the manufacturing facility.
As winter is upon us, now is the best time to commence your course of Chavanprash or Raktavarkhak to boost your immunity and for vim and vigour!
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