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Help Your Lymph System Release Toxins

17 Mar 2016   Shanti Gowans
Your body is an amazing wonderland of processes and systems that keep your body either functioning at its best… or feeling weak and tired.
Your lymph system is a very important system in your body that is composed of tissues and fluids that run throughout your entire body (much like your circulation system). However, your lymph system does not have the help of your heart to keep things pumping and moving throughout your body. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you are helping your lymph system release and empty fluids to avoid any toxic build up (which can leave you feeling weak and unwell).
When your lymph system gets congested, it leads to your lymph nodes swelling, which causes pains and aches throughout your body. It will also result in your liver and kidneys becoming toxic, because the toxins and chemicals from your lymphatic system aren’t draining properly. As a result, this can lead to weight gain, poor circulation, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and being sick more often… among many other things!
Here are some easy ways to support your lymphatic system, to boost if for great health, stimulate its function, help it release toxins, and cleanse your body.
• Raw Fruits 
Eating raw (uncooked) fruits on an empty stomach will allow the enzymes and acids in the fruit to have a detoxifying effect on your system. Grapefruit, lemon and lime work incredibly well to stimulate the lymph system to drain, so add a slice to your morning water to get your day off to a great detoxifying start!
• Skin Brushing
Before your shower, use a dry brush and gently massage your entire body (massage towards your heart). This not only will exfoliate your skin, but will also invigorate your lymph system.
• Hot And Cold Showers
While showering, switch from using hot water to cold water. The frequent change in temperature will stimulate your lymph system to move as well as your circulation by expanding and contracting your body’s blood vessels.
• Exercise
By walking briskly or engaging in exercise every day, you will encourage the lymph system and lymph fluids to circulate to your kidney and liver so that they can be filtered and released from your body.
• Drink Water
To help remove toxins and chemicals, your body needs plenty of water to filter the lymphatic system. Drinking adequate water will ensure that your body is not only hydrated, but also detoxifying the elements that can make you feel ordinary.
• Rebounding, trampolining, dancing…
Cultivate the simple action of jumping up and down, similar to what happens on a trampoline (just on the floor if you don’t have a trampoline). This will allow your heart rate and breath to increase and the gravity of bouncing up and down will encourage your lymphatic system to detoxify cells.
• Massage
Not like we need another excuse to get a massage, but a massage (especially deep tissue) works to move the lymphatic tissue to drain. It basically ‘squeezes’ the lymph system to release impurities and make room for healthy nutrients to come in and keep your system healthy and functioning properly.
• Laughter
Getting the giggles causes you to take deeper breathes. As a result, this stimulates your lungs and circulation to work together with the lymph system.


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