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Creative Learning through a Bollywood Dance Workshop

11 May 2016   Shanti Gowans

Bollywood Dance Workshop is an opportunity for children to experience one of India’s most popular and energetic styles of dance.

The Bollywood Australia team will guide children on this journey through the history, language, stories and dance of India. Children will be immersed in a playful, safe and inclusive environment to learn about The Arts particularly the areas of Dance, Drama and Music.

The dance in Bollywood has developed from its traditional foundations to be influenced by other dance styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz and Latin, creating a unique style of its own. Participating in this workshop, children will explore Bollywood from its origins in classical Indian and traditional folk dance, to the much loved modern popular dance style in the movies that it is today.

This workshop will provide students an opportunity to refine technical and expressive dance skills to communicate a role and story. Children will learn movements that combine traditional facial expressions, hand and foot gestures along with stylistic elements of various dance styles.

In Drama, students will gain a further understanding of how to establish a role through the use of movement, facial expressions and use of performance space.

Bollywood dance is performed to music that is a fusion of traditional Indian and western styles. Children will physically explore the music’s beat and metre by moving in repeated rhythmic patterns.

Through this workshop, children learn about Indian culture and entertainment and explore where and why people dance, make drama, or create music, allowing an opportunity to further explore how these art forms differ across cultures.

Participation in this dance workshop introduces children to themes and ideas relevant in Humanities and Social Sciences. Children will begin to explore and form cultural understandings in meaningful and experiential ways. This workshop offers an insight into the how groups and communities are identified by practices, symbols and celebrations that reflect their values, beliefs and sense of belonging.

Bollywood is a high energy and celebratory dance that people practice across the globe and has become popular at weddings and other festive celebrations. This is relevant to the History curriculum as it allows students to pose questions about past and present objects, people, places and events, such as celebrations in places around the world. This could lead to discussions about the ways that children share their cultures with their local communities.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • History: Knowledge and understanding
  • Geography


Admission $15.

Please note: These workshops are designed for children over 18 months.
This is a led activity facilitated by a team of artists and volunteers and recommended for children 4 years and over. Children under 4 years must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket. Adults with a ticket will be encouraged to remain in a buffer zone which ensures ease of access to participants if required.
Accompanying parents, teachers and carers who wish to take part in workshops with their children must also purchase a ticket.

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