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Where the eye goes…

16 Mar 2018   Shanti Gowans
Regardless of how hard you work and practice, and how much you achieve, there will always be people who criticise what you are doing. 
These critics may give you a hard time that discourages you from proceeding.
Sometimes, the most significant critic you have may even be yourself!
However, you must choose between being criticised for the work you put out in the world or being ignored for never producing anything.
Dealing with criticism can be very hard, but the secret is to focus on what you love and your goals to express this love in life. 
Most race car drivers know that that have to focus on the road and not the wall. This is because the car goes where their eyes go. If they focus on the wall, they are more likely to hit it. However, if they focus on the road, they are more likely to stay on the road. 
This is the same way you must manage your critics. Instead of focusing on what they say, concentrate on your habits and your goals, and you will eventually silence them, because you will always succeed.
Where the yes go, there the mind goes, and where the mind goes, there the body goes.
Enjoy the dance, and keep dancing.


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