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21 Apr 2018 | (unknown author) | 0 Comments
Out of town and interstate students sometimes opt to 'camp' at the Shanti Yoga centre. Conditions apply. The Centre is in active use with Yoga classes, tutorials, massage, treatments,...

HEALTHY BODY: Course Overview
24 Jan 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
HEALTHY BODY Fee for all 9 parts on line $2995 Individual parts $399 PART 1: INTRODUCTION: A GLIMPSE INTO THE HUMAN BODY 1.1 In the beginning 1.2 Organising the Body 1.3 The Body...

Adv Dip Yoga Course Overview - 2018
13 Jan 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Adv Dip Yoga 10555NAT Course Overview WHAT IS REQUIRED FROM YOU DURING YOUR STUDY - Mat practice is necessary and the honour system applies. If you are local and would like to do your mat...

Ayurveda Exchange and Host program
30 Dec 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Ayurveda Exchange and Host Program Health Institute Australia (HIA) is offering collaboration and exchange in the following three categories: • Newly graduated Ayurvedic doctors who speak...

27 Dec 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Ayurveda cures naturally. Human beings are as unique as our fingerprints. This uniqueness has been explored and understood by Ayurveda which recommends individualisation in treatments. The wholistic...

Nirvana Retreat Information
22 Dec 2017 | (unknown author) | 0 Comments
Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary What to Bring • We supply Yoga mats and blankets, otherwise you may bring your personal Yoga mat if you intend to participate in gentle Yoga exercises and...

Yoga and Meditation for Children
4 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Wellness Workshops, designed to connect the mind and body through the principles of movement, stillness and mindfulness seen so strongly in many Eastern cultures and spiritualities. Learning from...


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