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Where the eye goes…
16 Mar 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Regardless of how hard you work and practice, and how much you achieve, there will always be people who criticise what you are doing. These critics may give you a hard time that discourages you...

Creative Learning through a Bollywood Dance Workshop
11 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Bollywood Dance Workshop is an opportunity for children to experience one of India’s most popular and energetic styles of dance. The Bollywood Australia team will guide children on this...

Jump for Health
30 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
If you have been feeling a tad sluggish lately, with long hours in the day spent travelling, sitting at a desk, a sedentary lifestyle, work, it could be because of a sluggish lymph system. Vertical...

10 Oct 2011 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
In our Bollywood dance classes this term we are offering a new, rock-solid dance exercise plan. It is better than the gym, much, much more fun and exciting - and safer! Bollywood dancing will help...


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