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Corrective Feedback
17 Feb 2019 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Being able to offer helpful criticism when needed is often a difficult task. And many people steer clear of offering feedback, or wait until they are so frustrated that they blow up. Neither of...

Effective and Successful Team Meetings
17 Feb 2019 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
PRIOR TO THE MEETING 1. Consider not having a meeting if it is something that can be better communicated by email 2. Consider who should be there and invite only those people who are absolutely...

17 Feb 2019 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
At Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia we work as a team. You can be a member of a team - in your workplace, working on the same project, in whichever community you collaborate with, pursuing...

How to Design a Presentation
26 Dec 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
1. Create a compelling headline Your headline is the key to capturing your audience’s attention immediately. Tell your audience what you’re going to teach them and the outcomes they...

A Credit Transfer
25 Mar 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
A credit transfer (CT) is acknowledgement that a candidate has competently completed a unit in a qualification previously, and will therefore be exempt from having to repeat it. The RTO is not...

Develop trust and respect in your workplace
8 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Does your the organisation you work for have an overall high morale, low turnover, and where employees are excited to be at work? Mutual trust and respect affects the entire oeganisation. Without...

Inspired Decision Making
4 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
The Yoga Sutras offer a practical system of 10 guidelines for decision-making known as the Yamas and Niyamas. When you learn to employ these concepts in daily life, you will be able to reliably...

To do or not to do?
15 Jul 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
With the overwhelming amount of input and busyness present in our lives today, and because we are mere mortals, we sometimes feel pressured to do all kinds of things we don't really want or need...

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
3 Jun 2017 | Peter Gowans | 0 Comments

Build Relationships
7 Apr 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Here’s a little secret that most yoga teachers and business owners intellectually know, but very few actually practice because we’re always in 'reactive' mode when it comes to our...

Overcoming Toxicity at Work
27 Oct 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Staying sane, composed and maintaining strong spiritual sense of self worth in a toxic work environment can be difficult but is not impossible if you follow a few simple ehtical and spiritual...

8 Sep 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Business, as per the usual understanding, is about maximising profit without regard for the negative toll it might take on ourselves, our families and the world. It will thus come as no suprise to...

Mindfulness in Business
7 Sep 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
In a world plagued by ecosystem collapse, rampant violence and greed corrupting almost every global institution, it’s not enough to build a business that generates income while meeting a need...

Competition and Jealousy
4 Sep 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Many people believe that competition is good for business, especially for the consumer. They claim that competition keeps a business or person on their best behaviour with the result being the...

Be Productive with Dead Time
20 Aug 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
All of us find ourselves stuck in our own way. Every single day we find ourselves stuck in some form or another: in a traffic jam, on hold for an hour, in a job we don’t like, on the other side...

Cognitive Biases
19 Aug 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Formal Stages of Cognitive Development can be recognised as follows: 0-2 years: Sensory and Motor - Sensory curiosity about the world. - Coordination of senses with motor responses, -...

Complaints are an opportunity to grow
23 Jul 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Complaints are a normal part of every business. Your measure, as owner of a yoga centre, spa or clinic, is not in how many complaints you get, it’s in how you react and deal with a disgruntled...

The Goal
20 Jul 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Let us start off by talking about your success: What does success mean to you? What is it really all about? Is it about things? Is it about material possessions? Is it about the way other...

Interpreting Assessment Conditions and Performance Evidence‚Äč
17 Jul 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Performance Evidence: The spirit of a unit is to ensure students have - appropriate knowledge and (certain level of skill) - applied in a simulated environment i.e. several (not one) case study...

Organisation: Paper Piles to Files
28 Jun 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Paper piles can happen to anyone, even the most organised people you know. They build fast and furious, especially if you don't handle paper within a day or two of receiving it. Within a week or...

Your Success on Autopilot
22 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Ready. Set. Go. You take off. You're sprinting as fast as you can. Taking long strides you push through the pressure of the wind that hits your face. You stare straight ahead, completely focused...

Education and Learning
20 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
I've had my share of changes and births over the past six decades. Changing continents, states, homes, workplaces, going from student, to clinical practice, and teacher, to sharing my message...

God wants you to prosper
10 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
God in the Christian Bible wants you to prosper. Yes, God is on your side. "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John...

When do you jump and when do you stay?
9 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Did you know if you put a frog in a vessel of water and started heating the water. as the temperature of the water rises, the frog is able to adjust its body temperature accordingly. The frog...

Understanding HIA Vocational education and training
26 Oct 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
The very essence of who you are as vocational learners, as well as how and why you are learning, is fundamentally different from the conventional understanding of education. So different, in fact,...


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