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Learning about a Gas

16 Jul 2017   Shanti Gowans

All things are made of matter.

Matter is anything that takes up space.

There are three kinds of matter.

A gas is a kind of matter.

Air is a gas.

It is hard to see some gases.

Steam is a gas.

We can feel some gases.

Our breath is a gas.

A gas does not have its own shape.

Gas can be put in a container.

The gas moves and fills the whole container.

It takes the shape of the container.

Gas in balloons can be many different shapes.

Cooling a gas can change it.

Cooling a gas can change a gas to a liquid.

Steam changes to water when it is cooled.

A cloud is made by cooling a gas.

Look around. Where can you find gases?


Plants make their own food from sunlight, water and a gas called carbon dioxide.

When plants make their food, they also make a gas called oxygen,

which goes out into the air. 


People and animals need oxygen to live.

When people breathe in, they get oxygen from the air.

When they breathe out, they put carbon dioxide into the air.





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