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Four Stages of Trance

22 Apr 2016   Shanti Gowans
Many cycles of the dissolution of the universe,
Many cycles of its evolution.
The "I" of such and suich name, clan, colour, livlihood, suffering,
such pleasure and pain,
and having such end of life
passing away thence, 
I was born elsewhere…
there too I was of such and such a name, clan, colour, livlihood, suffering…
Memory of past births,
knowledge of destinies of beings
and destruction and corruption
all abide in trance.
Abode in the first trance is full of joy and pleasure.
It is accompanied with reasoning
and investigation arises from seclusion. 
The second trance is also full of joy and pleasure.
This is the trance of internal security,
ceasing reasoning and investigation,
the mind fixed on one point,
arising from concentration.
The third trance is with equanimity towards joy and aversion.
It is a mindful and conscious expience
with bodily pleasure,
abiding with equanimity,
mindful and happy.
Abandoning pleasure and pain,
and even before the disappearance of elation and depression, 
without pleasure and pain
and with purity of equanimity and mindfuness 
is the fourth trance.







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