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Noble Silence arises out of a noble spirit

23 Mar 2018   Shanti Gowans
Thw word 'noble' can connote ideas about 'royalty',  
something acquired with wealth,  
a birthright or social status,  
an office that puts a person above others, privilege…  
However, noble silence is none of these.
Noble silence arises out of a noble spirit.
Nobility of spirit is earned by living according to a noble code:
a way of living among fellow human beings,  
and among all beings. 
It is an ethical and moral code
that requires no leap of faith,
no fanatical belief system,
no dogma. 
It is a simple operating system for human behaviour,
a set of guidelines that arise from aligning from source,
and expressing this as a personal truth
that provides meaning in life 
for walking the noble path.
You arrived to the world with nothing,
and you will leave the world with nothing.
The world has nothing for you.
When you die, you cannot take anything with you, 
but you can leave something behind. 
You have come bearing gifts, talents, capacities,
the activation of which derives you joy.
Bliss is the function of activating your potential…
and the world changes because you have arrived.
Instead of collecting money,  
align with the cosmic powers of the Universe,
discover, uncover, unlock and activate your synchro-destiny,
and allow yourself to experience flow, ease and grace
on the path to your greatest contribution.
Align with your spiritual abundance,
so that material abundance flows through you.
Instead of creating wealth, create a legacy.
Transition out of a job or business that is dragging you down,
and tap into your own unique brand of brilliance.
But don't confuse non-attachment to money
with the renunciation of money.
Don't suppress desire, understand it.
You can be totally free from your possessions psychologically, 
while owning them physically. 

The key is to enjoy them without attachment. 
Use them but be perfectly aware that they won't last.
I don't want you to be poor, I want you to be rich.
Be rich not only financially, but in every aspect of your life.
You can have a good life both as poor and rich, that is not the point.
The point is knowing your inner richness
which can never be taken away from you.
Ironically, the way to this knowledge leads through facing death;
something you don't want to do,
but the only thing you need.

A powerful method to disidentify yourself from your possessions, 
and from the whole world, called "The Eyes of Death”
in which you have to look at the world as already dead.
The objects you perceive are changing all the time, 
and in the end will break, disintegrate and disappear. 

You have to look into this inevitable future in the present moment.
When you look at a building, imagine it crumbling down,
and its building blocks disappearing into the ground. 
When you look at a car, imagine it crashing into the wall,
see it in the junkyard rusting away.
When you look at any of your possessions, 
imagine that you lose them
and see that still you remain complete without them.

Right now, you may look at the world as objective and solid, 
and to yourself as subjective and fluid.
After doing this exercise several times a day,
the perception will turn into its opposite. 
You will see the world as a chaotic, ever changing flow of energy,
and yourself as the immovable center who observes this world. 


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