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Om, Aum. The Universal Sound

16 Aug 2015   Shanti Gowans
In the beginning was the word
Om (aum) is the ancient word
the universal sound energy
pulsating with pure potential.
This power, shakti, is the very nature of the Absolute. 
It is the living energy
whose vibrations give rise to the whole of the manifest universe.
It is the dynamic impulse which reverberates within itself
and gives rise to all types of experience:
intellectual, volitional, emotional and spiritual.
The universe arises from sound,
as do all things with form.
Sound arises in the inner sky of our consciousness
the heart space in the head
and the sky space in the heart.
Sound unites with the vital breath and animates the inner body.
Sound is like an infinite ocean moving in all directions.
It pervades everything, both outside and inside.
In the form of the higher mind
it becomes creation, preservation, dissolution, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
beyond which it passes into the transcended state, turya, which is soundless.


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