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Re-story your Life

30 Dec 2015   Shanti Gowans

To start, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
First you must suspend disbelief
and imagine very vividly that you can enter into the place
where your own life story can be re-patterned and re-storied
from the one you’re living now. 
Think of it as a second chance, a kind of re-genesis. 
You’ve had up to now a good deal of life experience,
and chances are you’ve learned much
and experienced a full spectrum of joys and sorrows
but now wish to consciously enter into the co-creation
of an improved, more vital, more creative story for the years ahead. 

Now imagine yourself traveling to that Quantum place
where anything and everything is possible. 
Feel the energy of that higher realm
coursing through you
as you change levels,
as you change frequencies
and leave your current story behind.
Now, in this higher realm,
see the vast domain of all possibilities before you
and begin to engage those possibilities
in the form of a new plan for yourself,
a new pattern for your life to come.
Feel this new life coming toward you,
rising out of the frequency waves,
a potent, positive and creative tide,
carrying the elements of your new story.
See it right there before you, inviting your engagement. 
Now begin to sense
and consider what this new story of your life will be.
Perhaps you’ll choose a new career,
a new art form to learn and explore,
a furthering of some skill or activity you’ve only dabbled with in the past,
new friends and relationships that will grant you the full range of emotional expression.
Perhaps there are adventures in store,
visits to strange lands,
meetings with new cultures and peoples that astonish and inspire you
as they bring you more experience,
more life, more delight, and more learning. 
Perhaps you see a new story
in which your spiritual life becomes more prominent,
where you discover sources and resources
that gift you with beauty, meaning and purpose. 
Allow these and so much more to arise,
along with the belief that these wonderful changes
are not only possible but probable. 
Try each possibility out on the screen of your mind
and choose those that resonate for you. 
See them,
feel them,
and above all, know them as potential realities
that can manifest
into the physical space-time world where you currently reside. 
Continue to do this
until you truly feel the living force of their reality. 
And know, too, that the Quantum Field is drawn into your vision
and is adding elements, coincidences, and resources to the vision,
as well as the people, ideas and opportunities
to help you in the realisation of your new story. 
This is the inter-dependent co-arising
of you and the Universe together.
The more you use this exercise,
the more your new story will grow in you, 
eventually to the point where what began as an imaginative possibility
will become an actualising probability. 
And then, as opportunities arrive
that begin to fit into the new story you have set in motion,
meet each of those opportunities with deep gratitude and joy
for the gifts they bring to you.
This exercise is designed to help give you a powerful new perspective
on how rapidly you can create the conditions
for profound changes to happen in yourself and in your life.
This process of experimenting
will allow you to truly transform your life in leaps and bounds
to whole new levels 
Choicest blessings for the Quantum Life that awaits you,


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