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The Calling of Joy

22 Oct 2017   Shanti Gowans
There is a part of you
that is more than what you do,
how much you have
and what you think.
You can feel it as a calling
to your inner river, 
your passion, your flow,
you well of being,
your truth.
Each of us is called to listen, 
to honour our hearts,
to nourish ourselves deeply,
and unfold our true self into the world.
You are a channel, not a deposit.
A river, not a fountain.
Your life is one of flow.
There is no bottom point ot total emptiness.
It is impossible for your soul to be starved 
with nothing to give.
Keep on flowing and giving
just as you keep on receiving. 
Energy is a renewable resource,
an asset that you can always find more of.
The obstacle is the way.
You need to be deliberate about the joy in your life.
Joy matters.
You do not come upon joy by accident or coincidence.
Nor does it come from hard work,
or simply good luck.
Joy is released by remembering, trusting, being,
rediscovering your inner resources.
Joy is expressed as creativity, tears and laughter.
You can feel joy in your body.
It has been your guide through life's many choices,
healing the separation from your mind and heart,
and the separation from your heart and soul.
We have choices everyday,
to wrestle with the current plot of our lives
or find the possible joy.
Pay attention to small joys.
Be open to the moments of pure life
no matter how easy or difficult,
light or challenging.
Joy found in the midst of great difficulty
is joy found forever.
Forget regrets. The past is dead.
Abandon expectations. The future is not here.
You've just been born. Today. And yet again, this minute.
Your story has not been written yet…
and yet your fate is already written
as your soul.
Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
Whatever is your passion, keep doing it.
Do not waste your life chasing after success
or comparing yourself with others.
Every flower blooms at its own pace.
Slow down
from the fearful energy of the daily world
to life's beauty, innocence,
the ocean of peace,
in this moment.
There are many silent moments each day
which can serve as real medicine
for a busy mind and hurting heart. 
Slow down, renew your faith and unplug.
Unfold your soul in your life.
Whatever the outcome of this adventure,
however long it takes to achieve our goals,
our real success is an expanded, more authentic,
more alive experience of us.
No so-called failure can diminish that.
Additionally, there is no way to fail at being true to you,
except by not attempting.
Trusting yourself is living out what you already know to be true.
Your best comes just a few steps after your apparent worst.
Your breakthrough waits beyond your breakdown.
Your success is right on the other side of your failure,
They are equal sides of the same coin,
short stops in your warrior journey,
the necessary classes in your school of life.
Don't give up.
Give in.
Give more.
Give all.
If you want to love and serve the world,
fall in love with your life.
Over and over.
When you fall out,
find ways to fall back in,
to hear your heartbeat 
in all the noise.
This is the real journey.
Holding a newborn child and looking into their eyes, their being, their inner self seems to extend forever. The heart of awareness can be seen in the innocence of all children before worldliness begins to cloud it over. This innocence used to last so much longer, but in the modern world, with so many mental demands, children seem to be losing this innocence and inner peace at an earlier and earlier age. 
When you meditate, you sit in the heart of awareness.
Also, when love has defeated all obstacles, on the faces of the bride and groom on their wedding day, on the face of a winner at sport or even someone who merely finishes at that moment of realisation that their body has caught up with the perfection of their soul, the joy of helping a stranger, in the faces of older people as they describe what is important in life, in the bright blue sky, the orange light at sunrise and often experienced in spectacular nature.
But the heart of awareness is not necessarily tied to an event. Awareness sits in its own naturalness, naturally joyful. Unveiled, uncluttered, unfiltered, the brilliant heart of awareness is in each and every one of us. Life is joyful.
When awareness is not crowded with the details and demands of modern life, within our own natural awareness, is a great lightness of being. Emptied of the debris of life, cleansed of all the busyness, awareness is naturally pure, and utterley peaceful. The heart of our awareness is our no self with no boundaries, no limits. Eternity knocks. Time is eternal.
We need to cleanse our inner world, to free ourselves from our obsessive thoughts, memories, difficult feelings and emotions that float like yesteryear's trash in the beauty of our inner life. We need to release the heaviness to have the love and live fully in the heart of awareness, now.
Joy is the great cleanser of awareness. Any and every act that brings us to our heart, naturally clears away some of the clutter, tossing aside old feelings, renewing our awareness in the process. Humour, laughter, dance, music, art, truth, listening deeply, all activities that embrace the heart are activities that free awareness. Free the heaviness that weighs you down, preventing the natural flow of your life. Spiritual practices such as generosity, forgiveness, compassion, and service release our awareness to its true nature. Spiritual practices restore our awareness of our greater sense of Self, embracing the larger life we all share together.
Silence, retreats and meditation are the main ingredients many people are discovering to find the pure heart of awareness and live here. 
Silence naturally washes the noise from within us. We find the inner stillness that is at the centre of our heart. With our awareness is centred within, there is a well of peace. 
Retreats give our awareness space from the outside world that overruns our pure space within. When we retreat from the demands upon us, we find something other than our concerns. We find the room, lots of room in which inner resources of gentleness, acceptance and humility wait.
Heartfulness meditation is a journey to our innermost being, directly into the heart, where there is expansiveness and freedom.
The primary key lies in offering everything we carry in our hearts, our challenges, desires, worries whatever holds us down (to a vaster intelligence). Offering lessens the load and weakens the attachment and grip that the world has on our being.
The second key to heartfulness, and most important, is the practice of receiving deeply in our heart, absorbing the essence, the light of the heart of awareness. Within each of us is this inner reservoir of simply being, which is also our well of trust, peace, innocence, goodness, the God-space, our Buddhanature within us.
Heartfulness meditation opens the treasure and holds it in the hands of our awareness. Spiritual practice is offering and receiving. We offer the obstacles that keep our awareness from the beauty inside, and slowly, surely receive our source, the heart of awareness.
Unless meditation (or therapies) include the richness of our heart, we continue to struggle. There is no way around joy. We either embrace it, receive it, or we don't. Life is too precious to live separate from this part of us. it is time to let go, to rest and receive. This is true spiritual practice.
Silence, retreat, heartfulness and pure awareness, instead of bouncing from here to there, find a true place within us to anchor. A new identty, a true self emerges. The heart of our awareness is our inner abundance of sweet understanding.
An amazing and grace-filled resource
for nurturing soulful heart-fill-ness,
deeper understanding
and compassionate wisdom.


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