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The Collective Journey to Awakened Awareness

17 Jan 2016   Shanti Gowans

For most people, the normal experience of consciousness often feels small and reactive. People struggle to navigate the many fears and desires, worries and concerns, ambitions and hopes that they go through every day. Our emotional experience is like a roller coaster. Elated when this happens, depressed when things don’t work out, angry when we feel wronged…we sincerely try to live consistently from the best parts of ourselves, but it often seems as if we take two steps forward, only to take three steps back.

What most people may not be so aware of is that this common experience has a profound origin. The reason you feel so in the grips of the daily fluctuations of consciousness is because you are identified, or rather misidentified, with a limited and isolated sense of self. You have been taught that you are the person who was given your name, who was born on your birthday, and who has your history and memories. That person – who is limited by your body, lives this one lifetime and experiences all of your fears, desires, worries, concerns, ambitions and dreams - is fundamentally who you believe you are.

However, in profound experiences of awakening, you discover something shocking and utterly liberating. That isolated person is not the limit of who you are. You are much more than that. 

When the doors of perception open you see that this lifetime and the person you associate with it, are like a lens that the light of awareness shines through. You realise that your consciousness is not produced inside you; it is passing through you from a source that is singular and whole. Your intelligence, feelings, cares, concerns and loves are all illuminated from a universal source of being. 

We are One!

In this awakening to Oneness the grip of the fears and concerns of the separate sense of self loosen their hold on you. Your daily experience becomes less consuming as you open more and more into the unfathomable mystery of the true source of your being.

It is as if you have lived your whole life in just one place and suddenly discover the rest of the world. Your hometown doesn’t disappear, but now your imagination is captivated by so much more. The possibilities for how to live your life expand exponentially and this vast potential reveals capacities that you never dreamed of. You begin to see things, feel things, and know things in a completely new way.

This is all miraculous, but the true miracle comes when many of us live this expanded being together. When we do, we have the chance to redefine what human life can be.

At Shanti Yoga we have lived in an experimental spiritual community, dedicated to living the miracle of awakened awareness for decades. Our hearts and minds have been so captivated by the true possibilities for humanity’s future that we have dedicated our lives to bringing them into being. Shanti Yoga is born out of our commitment to manifest the vision of awakened awareness together with others, hopefully with you. It is not an informational course. We would describe it as an awakening community embarking together on a spiritual journey into new human possibilities. Whilst we are concerned that our description may sound overly grand, we also feel that we can’t say less than what we believe. 

We want to embark a journey into awakened awareness with as many people as want to join us. We have created a structure that we believe is intensive enough to generate the energy we need, subtle enough to convey the true depths of awakening, and at the same time accommodating to the realities of our busy lives. So it's onwards and upwards, with love, always.


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