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The Open Secret of Yoga Embodied Mindfulness

29 Jan 2017   Shanti Gowans
Mindfulness can be understood by its meaningful parts: Mind + Full + only this is
Yogic mindfulness in everyday life refers to a visceral, natural, easeful and lucidly clear way of being an authentic and compassionate human being in everyday life. This comes about through the holistic and all inclusive embodiment of our inherent, pristine nature and basic goodness. It is the hope for our present world, and for the remarkable future for all beings who will dwell together on earth as one family, without exception.
The practice of mindfulness while sitting in silence is the somatic practice of just sitting while wholly being the still intelligence of your core-self moment by moment. Sensually hit the mark of stillness in your lower abdomen while just sitting.
The way of living naturally and simply being authentic arises from the crystal clarity experienced by simply sitting.
To wholly embody the still brilliance that arises from the core-self inside of just sitting, together with wholly embodying the still brilliance of core-self inside of just living means that mindfulness is not just sitting in the still behavioural form of padmasana (lotus posture) only. It is hitting the still mark of core-self while just being, just doing, just loving, just caring, just feeling, just thinking, just working, just playing, just anything.
Yogic mindfulness is the still way of being passionately alive underneath the dynamic functioning of our ego-self and thinking mind. This is an important point for all beginners and veteran practitioners of meditation to understand. Yogic mindfulness is not about stopping the mind from thinking or eliminating our personality or ego-self functioning. It is the still compassionate intelligence of our core-self that silently illuminates and refines our ego-self functioning while enjoying boundless intimacy, vast oneness, and limitless interdependency with all beings and things.
The embodiment of yogic mindfulness is deceptively simple and quite ordinary when viewed by others. However, yogic mindfulness experienced from within this-only-moment-body is the pristine, vibrant, and wondrous experience of being ecstatically alive while realising total human completion and fulfillment with nothing lacking.
In yogic mindfulness, we do not experience any tensional discrepancy between our experience of self and any 'ideal-self' who we 'ought to be'. In yogic mindfulness, there is only the bright wisdoming of an eternally flashing moment of core-self and the felt sacredness of all beings and things that exist throughout the whole universe.
Yogic mindfulness is disillusioning because it cuts off all our illusions about who we think we are, who we would like to be, what we think we know, what we absolutely believe in, what fulfillment is, and what we think spirituality and sacredness are. This is why the embodiment of yogic mindfulness is defined as ‘the somatic practice of clarity that liberates the basic goodness, vast sacredness, and lucid brilliance of our true nature.’
When we struggle to gain personal fulfillment from without, or arouse a life of sacredness only through religious beliefs, we are actually doubting or denying their immanent and unconditional existence within our own embodied experience of everyday life. The harder we try to reach the horizon of fulfillment, sacredness, and completion, the farther it recedes from us. Yogic mindfulness is the somatic and visceral transmission that the horizon of total fulfillment and completion is always right beneath our feet, just as we are, just as It is.


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