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Best, Rest and Prep days

18 May 2018   Shanti Gowans

Life is not all about work, work and more work. It's about find the enjoyment from the right balance between your career, your relationships and your personal growth. This is the hallmark of success, and the key reason many people accomplish everything they have always wanted. 

You too can structure your time by using a unique planning system into three kinds of days: best, rest, and prep days. You might consider pre-scheduling these days to ensure some high payoffs for your efforts, while still allowing abundant amounts of free time to pursue your personal interests and recreation.

A best day is where you spend 80% of your time operating in your core genius or primary area of expertise, by interacting with people or processes that provide the highest rewards for the time you invest.

Rest days are just that: they involve no work-related activity of any kind. Don't let the temptation to check you email or do extra work overcome you. Spend some time relaxing, unwinding and chilling out. Think of rest days as days when you completely disconnect from everything and become one with the world around you… or at least disconnect from everything work-related and spend a day completely in joy. The means that you do things which bring you joy and happiness that have nothing to do with work. In other words, get out and have some fun.

Prep days are days when you prepare and plan for a best or rest day, either by learning a new skill, locating a new resource, training your support team, or travelling to a work site. Prep days ensure your best days are as productive as possible.

Take time, at the end of each month to schedule and plan your best, rest and prep days. Make sure that you schedule more best days than any other days and hold yourself accountable for producing results. These are the days that will determine how quickly you achieve success.

To your life full of abundance, purpose and joy.



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