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Complaining is a habit

23 Jul 2016   Shanti Gowans

There are some people, who in every conversation, deliver a ear bashing of wingeing and complaining. Sometimes they might even say "I'm not complaining today, ha, ha...  just like to give you some facts..."   And the facts turned out to be a string of complaints, anyway.  

Complaining is so much waited time. It's actually a habit, and not a very good one, at that.

A habit, whether good or bad, is an urge to adopt that action, no matter what the consequences. The more you feed the habit the more it will take control of your life, and the harder it will be to lose.  

Complaining typically stems from negative thoughts you’ve created. We manifest what we think, just as much as we become what we eat, drink or do. If you put 'beneficial' into your body and mind, then good will come out. Conversely, if you put bad things into your body and mind, such as drugs and negative thoughts, then bad will come out.  It’s inevitable and it’s up to you to correct it. 

Even if you realise you are the cause of your thoughts and you blame yourself, with a habit, you can still vent it with complaining. Negative thinking and complaining can be just as addictive as a drug.  Whatever your mind is used to thinking that’s what it craves. You could even know what you’re doing but can’t help yourself until you admit your problem and let it go. 

Admit you have negative thoughts and that you are their creator.  Realise that these thoughts only lead to more negativity and more addiction. So, refuse to let those negative thoughts become you. 

Relax, breathe and look at your negative thoughts.  Ask yourself, "Why so much hatred?"  When negative thinking is stopped so will your complaining. It may take a while but it can be done,  You did not become what you are overnight, and you can not expect to become what you desire overnight either; If that were the case we would all be perfect in mind and body.  It is a challenge that can be overcome with constant dedication and awareness.

Do not doubt yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Know that you choose what you think and you choose what you are and can become. Accept responsibility for your actions and let it go.  Then take positive steps to accept what needs to be done to achieve your goal. Dedicate yourself to getting it done. This will disrupt your mind’s pattern of thinking and make it not easy to fall back into the old ways.  Surround yourself with positive things and these will seep into your mind until they become you and your new habit is formed.  

Many people tend to blame others. If you don’t like the life you are living, or the thoughts you are thinking, then change. Get rid of whatever was unsatisfactory in your environment that caused you to complain. Each step toward wih a positive emotion will give you the confidence to continue. Take responsibility and take control. Know that what you are complaining about informs you what needs to be done by you to correct it and get back to positive living.

You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.


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