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Cultivating Happiness

21 Apr 2018   Shanti Gowans
All of us encounter major life transitions.  Once we have accepted that our life is no longer the same and we allow ourselves to experience the feelings we have about the loss, we then can move on to rebuild a new life for ourselves.
If you were to take a survey of what people want in life, the common answer will be happiness among other things such as wealth and good health. 
Happy people possess a unique attitude and interpret matters differently as compared to the average unhappy person. hee are some pointers gleaned from the habits of happy people:

• Love Yourself
True happiness is found from within you. Accepting your flaws and personality is the first milestone to being happy.
• Listen to your Inner Voice
Everyone experiences the guidance from an inner voice. You need to be still and silent to hear it's whisper. Consulting with your deeper self is one of the keys to a smooth, harmonious progression through all physical lives, and onwards through the inner spheres of life and reality on the relentless and most sacred path back to God.

• Take Care of your Body
Listen to your body and do not stress out. When the need for rest arises, take enough time as you need to rest. Ea a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise, as these play key roles in taking care of your body too.

• Be Grateful 
Expressing gratitude for what you have rather than complaining about what you lack gives you even more reasons to be more grateful.

• Be Generous 
We forge a happy life by what we give, not by what we get. Time and time again, it has been proven that to receive, one has to be willing to give first. Be generous with your knowledge and your time. Any act of generosity brightens the day of those around you, and ultimately, it makes the people around you happy. When the people you care about are happy, you in turn, will feel great.

• Live the Moment
The present moment is what matters. Strive to satisfy your current needs while planning for the future.Be willing to find and express joy in the current moment rather than waiting to celebrate in the future.

• Do What you Enjoy
Many people confess that their happiness levels increase immensely when they start pursuing what makes them happy. This has included leaving a boring jobs to start a business they’re passionate about, or they’ve decided to take a one-year sabbatical to travel the world. Whatever it is, enjoy what you do daily.

• Cultivate Happy Friends
Happiness is a state of mind. No matter how wealthy you are, life will not be fulfilling without happiness. Research has proved that joy is contagious. Having happy friends allows you to draw inspiration of happiness from them. Make sure to return the blessing too.

• Respect Others
Take your time to listen to views from other people. You can gain more knowledge and will be able to empathise with others.
• Do Not Compare your life with others
We all have unique lives. Seeing yourself as superior or inferior to others cultivates judgmental feelings. Stay neutral, and see your success solely on your progress, and yours alone.
• Nurture Relationships
No man is an island. Positive relationships, both social and romantic, are crucial to happiness.

• Do Not Give Up On Yourself
Regardless of how many times you may fail at something, always keep on trying if you value that something, and believe it is worthwhile.

• Everything in life Is not Perfect
Setbacks are always guaranteed in life. Accept that there will be injustices and choose to focus on what you have control over to compensate for that.
• Risk
In a world that is changing really rapidly, whilst it can be scary, taking risks becomes a reality

• Go Outdoors
A regular dose of fresh air is vital to breathing new life into your body and mind. 
• Tap into the unlimited abundance frequency of the universe
Predict upcoming challenges and lucrative opportunities, and make sense of the mind-blowing ‘coincidences’ and chain reactions that alter the very course of your life path.



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