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Having Goals in Life

15 Jan 2017   Shanti Gowans
Most New Year's resolutions are a wish list. They arise from musing amongst your dreams  - which includes things which are generally not realistic and seemingly unattainable.

Whilst we live in tumultous times, yet, the end of the year brings about a feeling of hope in the future. We hit the reset button in our mind and our ego fools us into thinking it will be different next year. We slip into this illusion because we so want it to be right. It's an illusion of progress, that, for many of us, gets reset every twelve months, as regular as clockwork. The only way to make it different is to choose to make it different, not just hope it will be. Everyone can do that now, in this moment. But this moment will be gone in another moment.
An intention arises when you hone in on your dreams and decide to make them part of your reality. 
But because your life and your mind are not static, distractions will get in the way of your best intentions. So you need a simple way os sustaining your mind in each moment so taht you step out of the illusion of progress and make actual progress.
A resolution is an intention waiting for a plan. If you aim at nothing, you'll achieve it every time. 
Your intention and resolution motvates you to put yourself in the right states of mind for appropriate action. The right state of mind means:
- Working on your belief system
- Working on your positive states, vibes and optimism
- Being able to join the dots so that you can apply tools such as creativity, visualisations and actions
- Cultivating altered states of consciousness that help you move towards achieving your goals. Touch your alchemic gold
Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost. The universe loves courage. You must make the commitment and the universe will respond to that commitments by making impossible obstacles seem possible and achievable. Dream the impossible dream long enough and strongly enough and you will not let the world grind you down, it will lift you up. Jump in. By hurtling into the abyss you discover it's clouds act as a bed.
A goal is something you aim for that usually arise from your dreams.
Goal Setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and creating a plan to achieve the result you desire. It involves intellectual and creative exercises that you use to help you strategically map a successful future and make changes to predicted outcomes by turning your dreams into reality by following through with action.
Do you have plans for the future? You don’t have to set high-pressure, all-or-nothing goals to do, get, or be more. It is never too late to be what you are.

Too many people focus resolutions on what they should not be doing, rather than what they should be striving for.

Too people spend the majority of their time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. The urgent distracts us from the important stuff in our lives. And because we live in a world of distractions, most of us fall for them.

Understanding and knowing this do not prevent it. Only right action in the right directed way can prevent it happening more of the time. And this 'more of the time' aspect equals success.
Do not be trapped into the ego's machinations of black and white thinking, where something has to work 100% or it doesn't work. This just keeps you away from the magic of 'more of the time'.
If you can increase your focus on the important by 10%, then you increase your life results by a multiple of that focus. And while this appears to be important, it will not make us do it. For us to do it, it needs to be fun and easy. 
While the whole personal development indistry preaches goal setting as the be all and end all, it isn't. Goal setting feels like work, looks like work and is work. Which means that we are predisposed to not like it.
Goal setting is not good. It's just the best tool we've come up with. So it is the best of the worst ways of doing it. Goal setting is simply just project management. It also allows you to see patterns which define what will be successful and what will not. The really big, virtually impossible things that you want to create with the smallest amount of effort come from being crystal clear in your accurate communication with your subconscious mind, which is how to design your life.
Start with the big picture. Dream big. Just let it fall into place, so that you realise what is important and what is not.
You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think about yourself.
You realise how far you have come…you have been broken, known hardship, lost yourself, but here you stand, still moving forward and growing stronger every day.
The harsh lessons in your life have made you stronger. Challenges exist not to hurt you but only to assist you reaching higher states of love, to overflow with grace, and to endlessly and effortlessly succeed at what you are truly meant to do here.
The universe is in resonance with your truth.You are the universe. Listen well.
You can be all that you are.
You came to shine.
Awaken your soul.
Then start small, by setting some goals that aim to keep you focused through out the year
to bring joy and happiness. Make them real, actionable and trackable.
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. In the process of designing your life, you will find that it is easy to do what is important and still be distracted by the urgent/
Unguarded moments and spontaneous decisions give colour to our numbered days,
and it isn't wrong to think that way.  However, sometimes along the way of living this kind of life,
many people get lost and struggle hard to find their way back. This is where goal setting plays its part and why it is important to set a goals in life, even though you can live life without them.
Here are some important reasons
why having goals are necessary:

You have control over your life
As absurd as this sounds,
having a goal will not actually limit you
but will give you more control over your life. 
This is because it will help you direct your direction 
in choosing which roads to take
and which ones to set aside. 
When you action this,
you will have an even clearer picture
of your destination in life.
This will provide you more time to plan
and prepare for what you really need
for the future you choose.

You will know what to prioritise

Your goals help you filter
the most important things to do now
from the ones that are only wasting your time. 
Setting goals will save you
from exhausting all your time and energy
into something you will eventually find trivial. 
With clear goals in your mind,
you will know which ones deserve your precious time. 

You are more likely to make better decisions

When your goals are set,
it will most likely help you identify the right choices
based on the long-term view of your purpose. 
You can always go back to your purpose:
why you have these goals
and then come up with a decision
when put in that kind of situation.

You will most likely stop procrastinating

Because you know what to focus on
and you have already organised your priorities,
it will absolutely give you no time to daydream
and simply procrastinate. 
You will have to be busy (and enjoy)
making your dreams happen.

You path to success will be closer

Goals guide you to where you want to be
and help you determine what you really want to achieve. 
Just imagine that “goals” are like your path
through a thick forest.
Imagine having no trail to guide you
when walking down the forest that you are not familiar with. 
Chances are, you will get lost or worse,
you may never find your way out.
But with a goal to guide you,
you know which road to choose
and that road leads you to where you need to be.
Just like backing out of your garage,
before you embark on your journey, 
the core pillars of goal setting
must start with self reflection
and link with meaning,
before you look forward
towards your body, mind and spiritual journey…
WORK  • Work and Career
             • Money and Finances
REST   • Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
             • Connections, Friendships, Relationships (not your connections through technology)
PLAY    • Learning and Development
             • Hobbies, Passions, Fun

When you goals are
all about quality of life
and finding a happy balance
between work and friends and family,
Your goals will motivate you to start working
on what you need to do, now.
It’s never too late to start
as long as you know where you are going,


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