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Is Repetition a Mistake or a Decision?

15 Jan 2017   Shanti Gowans
If you drive your car on the road and get into an accident,
that might be an accident.
If you drive the same car on the same road
and gets into another accident the very next day,
there might be something wrong with the car.
If you drive a new car on the same road
and gets into yet another accident on the third day,
you might still get a benefit of doubt that
perhaps, just maybe, there is something wrong with the road.
However, if you drive a new car on a new road
and gets into the fourth accident for four consecutive days,
it's time for the driver to wonder if
there might be something wrong with the driver!
If a pattern is constantly repeating in your life,
there is a message for you. 
Lessons in life will always be repeated
until they are learned.
Also, bear in mind what Albert Einstein reminded us:
"We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used
when we created them."
The inconvenient truth is,
when you keep repeating a mistake,
it is no longer a mistake.
It is a decision.
There are no "invisible" force
blocking you from the greater success
for a better life,
the life of your dreams,
a life worth fully living.
Outcomes are not in your control,
but what is in your control
is effort 
and your intentions.
You are the only person responsible
for your happiness and success.
Prioritise yourself.
You are not an option.


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