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Love who you are

26 Nov 2017   Shanti Gowans
Love who you are.
Love the ways you are like no one else,
and the ways in which you are similar to everyone else.
Love yourself for the ways you change your mind 
and the ways you have grown.
Love that you are not the same person you used to be.
Love your deep potential.
Love your future wild mistakes.
Love the person you are becoming. 
Love it when you are bold enough to stand alone,
and when you are fragile enough to need support.
Love your ups and your downs,
your warts and oughts,
and your hopes and aspirations for something more.
Love the parts of you that need more loving,
and the parts of you that you would prefer to hide.
Do not forget that you are full of possibility.
You are right where you belong
and the whole world awaits you.
You are just the person you need to be.
Love yourself gently, with your whole heart and soul.
Love your silliness and your seriousness.
Love your complexities.
Delight in the ways you cannot be defined
and love the ways you cannot be tamed.
Love it when you realise you have learned something,
and love it when that learning has been good.
Love yourself when things are hard.
Love yourself even when it hurts.
Love yourself enough to give yourself the things you need,
and keep loving yourself until that love becomes a habit.
Love yoursef so that the world can see
how beautifully you deserve to be treated
and keep loving yourself with joy and perseverance,
right from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes,
love who you are,
forever and ever and always.


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