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Managing Distractions

13 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans
Distractions are one of huge productivity inhibitors, and we are surrounded by them. Often, we are so used to being interrupted by them that we no longer notice that they are interrupting us. 
Take some time to become aware of the distractions around you which could include:
·       Phone calls
·       People stopping by your house and office
·       Smartphone alerts 
·       Email notifications 
·       Clutter 
·       Social Media 
·       Brain Clutter 
·       Pain 
You cannot start to eliminate distractions until you have started to notice them. 
Once you do, you will see firsthand the damage they do and will be that much more motivated to manage them.
Our smartphones are a fantastic device. But they can also be a trap filled with distractions. 
To eliminate the distracting effects your phone has, here are some ideas: 
• Turn off any alerts you absolutely do not need. 
• Uninstall tempting but unproductive apps such as games for example. 
• Silence your phone as much as possible when you are working. 
• Get out of the habit of regularly checking your phone. 
• Schedule time to deal with email and social media alerts on your phone. 
• Stop playing around with your phone to fill time or take a mental break. 
• Do something you actually enjoy instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook updates. 
• Turn your phone off from time to time. Trust me, the world will not end. 
Use your smartphone as the wonderful and handy tool it is, but don’t allow it to take control of you and your most precious resource: your time i.e. your life. 
Have a successful day.
To your happiness.


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