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Take good care of your tools

16 Dec 2016   Shanti Gowans
Tom, a woodcutter was on his first day of work. He was still on probation and had to work for a week before being employed in the job permanently. Wanting to make a great first impression, he worked renentlessly hard on the first day and managed to chop 14 trees. Tom's dedication paid off, and the potential employer was thoroughly impressed.
Tom vowed to keep up his performance. However, the next few days the number of trees he managed to cut kept decreasing. From 12 trees on the 3rd day, to a meagre amount of 4 trees by the end of the week.
Disappointed, Tom went back to his employer and said: "Sir, I must be losing my strength. I have really tried my best, but it seems harder to chop the trees as each day passes. I will completely understand if you decide not to hire me".
The employer then asked Tom to show him his axe. Upon inspection, the axe was astonishingly blunt. "I can see you work incredibly hard, but as a woodcutter you have to take care of your tools. Your axe is blunt beyond measure, it's a wonder how you are even able to cut any trees with this. Sharpen your axe and I'll see you working again next week".
End of story
Like Tom, the woodcutter, hard work will only get you so far. You have to take care of your tools - your body and mind. Similar to sharpening the axe, it is crucial to take some time to unwind and reflect on yourself and your life. This will help you keep up with your daily grind so that you can you perform effectively to strive towards your dreams and desires. Ask yourself today: What can you do each week that makes you completely at ease with no worries?
Sometimes you have to slow down, to speed up.


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