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The beginning is always now

30 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans

No matter how wealthy you are, life will  ot be fulfilling without happiness, health and meaning. Do you want to experience a higher level of happiness, health and meaning? Here are some attitudes and habits to focus on while interpreting life:

• Love yourself

True happiness and meaning is found from within you. Accepting your flaws, warts and oughts is the foundation to being happy.

• Take care of your Body

Listen to your body instead of stressing out. When the need for rest arises, take enough rest. Eat a balanced - not faddist - diet, and engage in regular exercise.

• Go outside

A regular does of fresh air is vital to brething new life into your mind and body.


Be grateful for what you have, and express gratitude on a daily level, rather than complaining about what you lack.


Be generous with your knowledge and time. We forge a happy life by what we give out. To receive, you have to be willing to give. care about the people around you, Any act of generosity brightens the day of those around you and ultimately is instrumental in makeing the people who surround you happy. When the people you care about are happy, you, in turn will feel great.

Live the Moment

The present moment is what matters. Strive to satisfy your current needs, while planting seeds for the future. Find joy in the current moment rather than waiting to celebrate in the future.

• Do what you enjoy

Start pursuing what makes you happy. This could mean leaving a boring job to start a business you are passionate about, or vice versa, leaving abusiness you are struggling with and get a job. It could mean you take a one year sabbatical to travel the world. Whatever it is, enjoy what you do daily.

Have happy friends

Joy is contageous. Befriend those who you can draw inspiration and happiness from.

• Listen to Others

Take some time to listen to views from other people. With this you can gain more knowledge and will be able to empathise with others.

Do not compare your life with others

We all have unique lives. It is not necessary to rate your life in terms of success or failure, gain or loss…Seeing yourself superior or inferior to others cultivates judgemental feelings. Celebrate at your own life and the progress you make in your own endeavours.


Accept that everything is not perfect, and there will be injustices in the world. Setbacks are always guaranteed in life. Choose to focus on what you do have control over and do what you can.

• Nurture Relationships

No man is an island. Positive relationships, both social and romantic, are crucial to happiness.

* Never give up on yourself

No matter how many time you fail at something, keep on trying. The beginning is always now.






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