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Develop trust and respect in your workplace

8 Oct 2017   Shanti Gowans

Does your the organisation you work for have an overall high morale, low turnover, and where employees are excited to be at work?

Mutual trust and respect affects the entire oeganisation. Without respect, home and work environments break down.

Trust is a characteristic that builds respect and loyalty, as well as a supportive and safe environment. Trust and respect between employees, management and co-workers creates a positive work atmosphere where there is good communication among co-workers and everyone is willing to cooperate and work together. A team without trust isn't really a team; it's a group of individuals working together, often making disappointing progress. 

Your family at home, and your colleagues, subordinates and superiors at work need to perceive you as trustworthy and honest. Likewise, you need to regard them in the same light.

What part do you play in developing a positive and productive atmosphere? Do you maintain good communication with your colleagues? What role do you play in everyone willing to cooperate and work together?

To develop trust and respect at home and in your workplace you may need to identify causes of negative attitudes and behaviour, and develop skills such as how to disagree without ruining relationships.

- Respect and trust play a pivitol role in workplace (and domestic) dynamics. 

- Communication is a key to trust and respect. Use it.

- Understand what affects your credibility and learn how to build it.

- Different cultures view respect differently. Take this on baord.

- Team effort has a positive influence. Learn how to manage it positively.

- Set boundaries and expectations. 






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