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Education and Learning

20 May 2016   Shanti Gowans
I've had my share of changes and births over the past six decades.
Changing continents, states, homes, workplaces,
going from student, to clinical practice, and teacher,
to sharing my message through books, CDs, TV,
lectures and my website, 
all of which have shown me
that embracing change is necessary
if we want to continue to thrive and survive. 
But change can be tough.
As human beings we are attached to things being our way,
even the small things.
Our intellects keep us stuck.
However, on the other hand, at some subtle level,
we all deeply know that there is programming
for wonderful new beginnings
and our own personal portal for growth,
with all the information and tools we need
to embrace change in a way that supports us.
Change for me has been a wonderful way
to experience self-discovery, health and support.
And there is still more to come.
I love what I do, and for a lot of different reasons…
the feeling of fulfillment everytime someone makes a breakthrough,
the joy of knowing that I just changed someone's life for the better,
the endless gratitude I feel… 
my reasons are a bit selfish, I know
but surrounding myself with people
driven to change for the better
is like getting a spiritual rush. 
It's a certain kind of high.
But it's not always sunshine and roses. 
Everyday we see people giving their all,
working to the best of their ability
but for some reason or other
they just can't seem to break through to the next level.
The end result is that they hit the 'invisible wall'
and give up.
The only way through is by education.
As the famous quote says:
A smart person learns from their mistakes. 
A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.
An education is an esteemed commodity in our society.
Rightfully so, school will teach you the history of humankind,
make you a master of your chosen field,
and qualify you for work in the real world. 
Without a proper education,
people often find their success limited
and opportunities lacking.
Drawing upon our deep heritage, 
we offer students the opportunity
to grow, heal, learn and experience
the traditional ways 
through our educational programs,
events, workshops and retreats.

But the education that school can offer
fails in comparison with the knowledge that life forces upon us. 
Life's lessons are called that for a reason.
We experience life in order to learn the lessons,
and the more life we experience,
the more lessons we accumulate. 
The difference between school and life?
In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test.
In life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. 
Many of our most important lessons are learnt the hard way.





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