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Mindfulness in Business

7 Sep 2016   Shanti Gowans

In a world plagued by ecosystem collapse, rampant violence and greed corrupting almost every global institution, it’s not enough to build a business that generates income while meeting a need in the market. It's time to take a stand for something you believe in. Financial prosperity happens when you have enough money to live the life you want for yourself and your loved ones. However, the paradigm shift is understanding that when you are thriving financially you can grow a sustainable business and give generously to the people and causes that you care about most.

There is so much hype around growing a business, but little of it really delivers. To cut through the hype and understand what it really takes to not only be financially successful, but also deeply fulfilled on every level as the owner of a socially conscious business is to know that healthy business growth arises from engagement, trust, and loyalty. 

Revolutionary success begins with you
Self actualisation happens when you completely embody the person you were always meant to be, expressing your highest values and embracing your unique personality. When you're healthy, happy, and your whole family is excited about planning your next adventure, your entrepreneurial ambitions and your life goals all become easier (and more fun!) to reach. When you run your business from a place of self-actualisation, your ideal clients feel your authenticity in everything you do, and are powerfully attracted to it. You will have the time, energy, space and support you need to relish every moment of your life, including right now.  
Holistic and systematic approach
The challenges faced in business such as time pressures, cash flow problems, technical challenges, mindset issues, self-doubt, overwhelm, frustration, and so on, can all be overcome, and you can make a positive impact on the world in a way that is perfectly aligned with your own core values if you engage in a holistic paradigm and systematic approach to building your business. To succeed you will need to face all your fears to achieve what you want. Break away from the past and reinvent your life and your business. Focus or fold.
Profound service
The secret to a lucrative career arises out of profound service. This means making a deep, positive difference for your clients and the world. When you're working toward your life's true purpose, your calling, your personal mission, your passion and commitment have the power to drive real and long-lasting change.
Engage your partners and team to be loyal, trustful and grow your business because they benefit from it.
Engage your customers to continue buying from you and not dump you when they see a substitute product, solution or deal that offers a lower price somewhere else
Engage your employees so that they do not look for an alternative job.
Our common needs
We all share six fundamental needs that determine how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about others, and how we experience life. And all behaviour, including our purchasing decisions, is an attempt to meet our needs. These needs are certainty, significance, variety, love and connection, growth and contribution
To be in constant dialogue with your partners, customers and employees, to get feedback regarding their satisfaction from existing products, and learn how you can answer new requests and needs, here are some pointers:
Ensure that you are in the mode and mood that manifests vitality, self-confidence, and a leader’s know-how, to light up and energise others (employees, partners, clients, prospects) with what you offer. 
It can feel hollow to have your only measure of success tied to building a business that generates income. It's not enough to just meet a need in the marketplace and become financially prosperous. You must want your business to make a real difference in people's lives and to be a powerful force for good in the world. Be 100% convinced, from deep within you, that you provide the best, unique products and solutions, and that you are passionate about the unique proposition of your business.
To enhance effective communication, with whatever you do or say, add the magic of creativity that touches a person’s mind and heart.
Remember that teamwork creates bonds and trust. All your employees, your entire team needs to be engaged for you to grow. Keeping your positive reputation and brand is a proactive, ongoing process. That is why CEOs, HR, and Marketing managers must also add to the culture.
It takes time for people to digest your messages and accept your ideas  as added value things they need to have. Roll your main pitch together with diversified creativity, repeatedly.
Create an uplifting atmosphere to increase your business growth. There needs to be integrity and oneness in spoken and intuitive psychological, mental/emotional and spiritual perception that you deliver a unique high quality proposition about your business’s essence. You are expert in your field. You propose the best products/solutions/services and you can personalise them to your customers’ needs.
Strive for balance and harmony each day, in your business as well as in your life as a whole. Make sure your business culture’s values and people add calmness to the atmosphere. Remember, the opposite of calmness is stress. You don’t want to send stress signals verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically.
Your team, employees, partners, clients and prospects, are not identical to you. There is a common ground of trust, yet variation and pluralism should be accepted and respected.
You never see the whole picture. Therefore, you must adopt ongoing dialogue with your team, employees, partners, clients, and prospects. Once you understand their needs, their source of motivation and inspiration, you can better personalise your business solutions for them. If you can achieve that, then you don't have to accept a lifetime of busy work and stress to succeed.
A culture of compassion that will grow your business, has to do with giving and getting attention, trust, effective communication and creating a great atmosphere of positive emotions, and feeling great while you sell something worthwhile, for you and for your employees, colleagues and business mates. 
Engaging prospects and convincing them that with your products and solutions, their life will be healthier, more convenient, safer, and happier arises as the outcome of:
attention             catching, holding and giving attention, 
communication  facilitating effective communication, 
service               forming a culture that implements high quality of service, 
trust                    create trust 
results                determining win-win-win results. 


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