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Organisation: Paper Piles to Files

28 Jun 2016   Shanti Gowans

Paper piles can happen to anyone, even the most organised people you know. They build fast and furious, especially if you don't handle paper within a day or two of receiving it. Within a week or more and you are swamped in paperwork. Here are some suggestions for eliminatng your overflow and banishing your paper piles.

Firstly, get yourself a box of manila folders, removable labels, a pen, and a paper grocery bag.

Start by picking up the top sheet of paper and skim it for content. If it's trash, toss it into the paper grocery bag. If it's a keeper paper, put it into one of the folders. Paste a blank label on the folder, and write the subject matter on the label.

For instance, if it is a tennis schedule, write 'Sports' Schedules'. If it's a pending bill, write 'Bill'. If it's instructions for an upcoming conference you're attending, write 'Conference'.

Go through each paper in your pile, working down in the same manner. As you come across other pending bills, sports schedules and so forth, just insert those papers into the appropriate folder.

Your goal is to have everything sorted out. Once the pile is gone, you are left with an assortment of labeled folders, all organised by subject. At this point in the game, these are ready to be inserted in your 'Active' (desktop holder for papers that require action) or 'Reference' filing system (filing cabinet for when you need to retrieve these papers later.) 

To avoid piles of paperwork in the future, go through all of your papers on a daily basis. Do not let them pile up. If you have something to file, file it right away. Do not put it somewhere else to deal with 'later.' That's how papers begin to grow.

It may take you a little while to catch up, but that's okay. Before you know it, your paper piles will be a thing of the past.


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