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To do or not to do?

15 Jul 2017   Shanti Gowans

With the overwhelming amount of input and busyness present in our lives today, and because we are mere mortals, we sometimes feel pressured to do all kinds of things we don't really want or need to do.

Often this pressure is from our own expectations.

However, there is no doubt we need to create more peaceful space in our lives.

Perhaps our starting point is to focus on priorities first, and link tasks with specific ends you want to achieve. With holistic planning we are always more in tune with our priorities.

Decide on the most appropriate choice and take action.

We don't need to do every task we think or, or that someone thinks we should do. Often saying "no" to one task helps us have the energy we need for another task we really want to do.

Here's a simple formula to help prevent work opverload. Everytime you are faced with a new task to perform, to contribute to your peace of mind and focus, apply the following:

Do it now. Take immediate action, do the task right away. Don't procrastinate.

Dump it. Make a quick decision and dump the task.

Deligate it. Give the task to someone else. This is a vary critical aspect of time management. Your time is valuable. Make it a priority to work on taskes that you do best and deligate the tgasks that can be performed by someone else.

Defer it. Make an immediate decision to postpone the task to a later time. Make sure to schedule a time to complete it.



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