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Firni - Creamed Rice Pudding

4 Jan 2017   Shanti Gowans
Fresh Milk             300ml
Ground rice           45g
Almonds - ground 1 tbls
Evaporated milk    500g
Sugar                    50g
Rosewater            1 tbls
Cardamom            1 tsp - ground
Almonds - flaked    25g
Pistachio nuts         25g, lightly crushed
Dried Apricot          25g - finely chopped
• Put the fresh milk into a heavy based saucepan over a medium heat.
• Mix the ground rice and ground almonds together and sprinkle evenly over the milk.
• Bring the milk to the boil, stirring frequently.
• Add the evaporated milk and sugar, and stir over a low heat for 6-8 mins.
• Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent skin from forming on top.
• Stir in the rosewater and the gound cardamom.
• Reserve a few almonds, pistachios and apricots and sir the remainder into the pudding.
• Transfer the firni into a serving dish and top with reserved fruit and nuts. 
• Serve hot or cold.
Variation: Add a few coarsely chopped raw cashews while cooking the ground rice and ground almonds.
Preparation time: 5-10 mins.
Cooking time: About 15 mins.


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