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It's healthy to Eat Nuts

27 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans

Nuts are good for you in all forms. Simply adding them to your diet lowers your chances of getting heart disease, a huge health risk in the world today. Among other things, they help improve your cholesterol, 


Almonds are  full of healthy unsaturated fat, protein, and fiber. For a special treat, try making home-made almond-macadamia nut milk.

Brazil Nuts

These large, earthy-flavored nuts are chock-full of selenium, an element known to help fight inflammation. It also helps protect against different types of cancer. Eat just a few by themselves, or add them to your own homemade "granola."


Cashew butter is an excellent,  sweet alternative to peanut butter. Don’t be worried about the fat. Cashews and other nuts don’t have "bad" fat. Some studies even suggest eating nuts can help make you slimmer, maybe because they satisfy your hunger so well.


Because they grow underground and not on trees, peanuts technically are legumes . But nutritionally they are like nuts. They are full of protein and other vitamins, so add them to your trail mix.


have a handful as a snack. Nuts may help lower high blood pressure, and women who eat them are less likely to get type 2 diabetes. 

Pine Nuts

These small nuts are the magical ingredient in pesto. But they can trigger a rare and mysterious -- but harmless -- condition called pine mouth. This causes a bitter metallic taste that lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Scientists think genes may play a role in who gets it.


They’re delicious on their own and legendary in Turkish baklava. They also are high in antioxidants and may help with inflammation. Fun fact: People who eat nuts are less likely to get gallstones. If you’ve ever had a gallbladder attack (caused by gallstones), you know how important that can be.


Walnuts may help protect you against prostate cancer and keep your brain sharp as you age.  According to some studies, you are more likely to eat healthy overall if they are a regular part of your diet. Try them in an apple walnut salad.




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