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Wheat Dosa

10 Aug 2016   Shanti Gowans
Atta (wheat or chapatti flour)     2 cups
Water                                         4-5 cups
Salt                                            1 tsp
Oil                                               2 tsp
Black mustard seeds                 1/4 tsp
Split urid dal                               1/2 tsp
Red chillis, dried                         2-3, chopped finely
Curry leaves                               few - torn and crushed
Shallots                                      3-4, chopped finely
Whear dosa batter
Mix the salt with the flour and add water, a little at a time, and gently mix the batter until the consistency is thin and pourable.
• Heat the oil, add the mustard seeds till they pop.
• Immediately add the urid dal and fry until it turns golden brown.
• Now add the red chillis and curry leaves and remove from the heat.
• Place this mixture into the wheat dosa batter, adding the chopped shallots and mix well.
Heat your dosa tawa (frying pan), and using a large, rounded ladle, start pouring the batter from the outside and keep pouring the batter into a circle until it is filled. Do not be too concerned if there are some holes in the dosa, it will crisp up nicely and add to the taste.
Cook the dosa on a medium-low flame until the edges start to rise a bit.
Pour a few drops of gingelly oil over the dosa and gently flip over.
The other side should be golden brown.
Wheat dosa takes longer to cook than regular dosas, so be patient.



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