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Are you destined for great things?

1 Jul 2016   Shanti Gowans
Throughout history, people have come from nowhere and risen to the highest living by adopting the strategy of the crown. It is a strategy of living where a person moves through life with the attitude that they are destined for great things. They don’t wait for someone to crown them; they simply crown themselves.
When the strategy of the crown is one of arrogance, it is not admirable. However, when it is  one of elevated dignity, when you radiate the aura of the crown, and you do so with great nobility, as if nothing can affect you, and you are never rushed by others. Just this alone has a powerful effect over other people who enter your sphere.
They become infected by your poise and presence and feel grateful to be in the company of someone who they can sense has elevated values. The strategy of the crown is enhanced even further when you show great respect, compassion and understanding to other people.
In many respects, all that is what yoga means when they refer to democracy of the body, and aristocrasy of the soul. It is a way of saying that ideal situations arise for you when you feel deserving of the best, are never rushed or knocked off balance by others, and while always showing great respect, compassion and understanding to anyone you are connecting with.
When you take this concept into your life and you couple it with the skills and energies that arise from vision, passion and action, you have a very powerful combination working in your favour with any and every personal encounter you have. People feel drawn to treat you with great respect in return, and that creates a great platform or context for your life. The long and the short of it is that great things will happen in your life when you live by the strategy of the crown and apply the practical skills of yoga to get results.
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