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Dear students - A statement of commitment

6 Feb 2017   Shanti Gowans
For decades Shanti Yoga has used its platform to educate delusion, hatred and greed, wherever it is found, and cultivate the wisdom and compassion necessary to alleviate suffering. We are dedicated to maintaining an ethical framework for all of our actions and to live in a way that does not cause harm to any beings. The Vedic teaching on Truth, and the Buddha's teaching on wise speech exhort us to speak what is necessary, support those who work for justice and ending intolerance, and foster actions that seem appropriate with our values, doing what needs to be done with wisdom and compassion for all beings. Hatred never ceases through hatred. It will only cease through love, the living antidote for everything, We believe in an end to suffering wherever we see it. When you touch the centre of your heart, even for a brief moment, you are Home.
To the global community of kinred spirits who have come together, committed to the emergence of a higher flourishing at every level, we are delighted to welcome you to our centre.
My team and I are humbled, inspired and excited all over again, to be connected with a global gathering of evolutionaries, committed to finding out how to participate in the evolutionary process, not only to create better lives, but for a better world.
We are stating our commitment to help change what we believe are deluded and harmful perspectives and actions and hope you will support us in our work. We are committed to be a palce of refuge and sacred support. We encourage you 
• We believe in the equality of all beings.
• We believe in transparency in government and the freedom of the press.
• We support the rights of the Planet and are opposed to the denial of climate change and the degradation of the environment.
• We support animal rights.
• We support women's rights, including their right to reproductive freedom. 
• We stand with the LGBTQ community and support their rights.
• We support the rights of immigrants and migrants.
• We support religious tolerance for all and vehimently oppose any Muslim ban.
• We are committed to the end of systematic and institutionalised racism, including colour, race and religious supremacy in all its forms.
• We believe in freedom of choice, the right to affordable health care, and a society safety net to support the most vulnerable in our society.
• We believe that education is part of the solution in making sense of everything, and would like to live in a world where a free and equal education for all is part of human rights.
• We believe that the world needs us to live from our deeper consciousness, to accelerate our process of transformation, healing and awakening.
• We believe that the choice for love (not as an emotion, behaviour or a relationship, but as a super-charged, light-drenched, limitless vibrational state of infinite, source energy) is an essential spiritual practice, and the highest service to our planet and humankind.
To all of our dear students.
We will get through this day, this year, together.
We will respect each other and learn from each other.
You are a beloved part of this community.
Remember that you are stronger than you think.
Thank you for showing up,
being in the present moment 
and connecting hearts.
We are how we treat each other.
We believe in a compassionate and peaceful world.
There is no greater power
than a community discovering what it cares about,
and the role of our centre is to create a culture of connection.
We must love one another or die.
Ask "What is possible?" not "What is wrong?"
Your study with us
brings you into the heart 
of your forthcoming voyage,
drawing together an understanding of
your evolutionary past, present and future potentials.
As you journey into a direct, experiential discovery 
of your true Self, 
we are deeply moved about what happens to you
as you begin to taste
how powerful this part of the self actually is,
and are constantly reminded about
how life-changing a journey this is.
It is as if you have stumbled upon a treasure that
you have been looking for all your life,
a dimension of your nature
that is so completely beyond the limited small self
and yet so close at hand.
It is all so remarkable
that I never lose my sense of wonder
at seeing this awareness begin to emerge.
The work we will be doing together  
that you have sensed a resonance with,
provides a consistent and reliable access
to this self,
producing a profound shift 
in your relationship with life.
In this centre, there are no walls. You belong here. You are loved.
Dear black students, students of colour, and refugee students,
in this centre your life matters. There is no racism. You are loved.
Dear Muslim students and students of Middle Eastern descent,
we know you are not terrorists. You are loved.
Dear South American, Latino and Mexican students,
You are not rapists or drug dealers. You are loved.
Dear female students,
in this centre there is no sexism. Men will respect you. Demand it. Live it. You are loved.
Dear LGBTQ students,
you are perfect just as you are. You are loved.
We never tire of sharing our passion
with our growing community of people
committed to their own transformation, 
together with bringing about a brighter future for humanity.
Thank you for your interest in this work
and your commitment to evolution and awakening.
The world is waiting for your love.
With love, blessings and namaste.


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