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Determine Your Driving Life Forces

13 Jun 2014   Shanti Gowans

The following are some simple, yet powerful exercises that will give you insight into the forces that are steering you on your current life path. Please take a pen and paper, or open up a writing program on your computer, and jot down the answers to the following four questions.

1. List four activities that feel effortless to you. These are things you love to do, and in fact, you almost feel compelled to do regularly.

2. What is it about these activities that you love so much? 

Do you have a special talent in this area? Does doing it add an element of variety to your life? Does it make you feel important and significant, or give you meaning and a sense of connection? Or does it just makes you happy? Whatever your reasons, write them down now. 

3. Now, list four activities that you absolutely hate doing, or those which you constantly try to avoid. You know you should be doing these activities more often, but for some reason or other, you just aren't. Write them down.

4. Lastly, what makes you dislike doing these activities? 

Are they boring? Do they stress you out? Does it make you feel like you're not getting anywhere, or that you're taking valuable time away from other things? Whatever your reasons, write them down now.

Now, in question 2, you actually wrote down some major clues as to what your driving forces are. These are the things that bring you happiness, a sense of progress, and satisfaction in your life.

To achieve success in the activities you listed in question 3, which you currently don't enjoy doing, you need to find ways to incorporate some of those driving forces (from question 2) while minimising the personal de-motivators you listed in question 4.

Take a moment to remember how awesome it feels when you're doing the activities that you love. Most likely you hurry home to them and have to tear yourself away from them when your time is up. 

Now imagine if you could find that same motivation to do the things you don't necessarily like doing, but that you know will bring about success in your life.

While there are practical ways to help access these driving forces, what if, instead of going through the tough process of figuring out how to motivate yourself to do activities you don't like doing, you could actually just re-program your brain a few minutes a day, at a deep, subliminal level, to genuinely enjoy the activities that set you up for success?

Mindfulness meditation will do that for you. With Shantiji’s course in Mindfulness on 2CDs, you will have all the tools you need to reprogram your brain to actually desire to do the things that you know you should be doing. You'll also be training your subconscious to get better at automatically detecting resources and people that will make things easier for you, so you will get better results with less effort. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each day meditating with the Mindfulness Meditation CD program, and you will start seeing results right away.

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