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25 May 2016   Shanti Gowans
I feel like a host a party and about to hand out conversation cards so all of us can look at some of the really interesting work and areas going on in the Evolution of Consciousness globally. I know many of you have expertise in some if not all of these and would love you to take ownership, share wisdom, provide links and let us get the ball rolling. Also, feel free to add new subjects to the list so we can get our own Evolution going here: 

• Conscious Business, Conscious World
How do we develop a more sustainable, co-creative, kinder and cooperative form of capitalism that gives us plenty but also leaves our local community and the planet in a better state?

• Quantum Consciousness
Particularly the work in microtubules, entanglement and other scientific studies emerging out of Penrose, Hammerhof, Chopra and others 

• The New research into LSD and Psilocybin at Imperial College
showing that it can cure depression, addictions and more 

• The Princeton Egg
and other experiments in Collective Consciousness 

• The Extended Human Neural Network
how the lLoud and the Internet of Everything will transform Consciousness 

• How the new "Big Business" of Meditation and Mindfulness
will change the World, and is it a good thing?

• Yoga versus Qi Gong/Fitness/Pilates
- Differences, Similarities, Benefits 

• How to pursue the "Work" today
in modern conditions of so many distractions and opportunities 

• Will Oxy and Hallucinogens replace
the human ability to produce Seratonin and DMT natutrally?

• Techniques of Transcension and Illumination
- how should we document the ancient techniques properly (so we don't lose them to modern reinterpretation) and develop new ones using high technology, sound and the potential of the Internet 


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