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From me to you - Attitude

15 Feb 2014   Shanti Gowans
Each day brings opportunities to make choices about life - the most fundamental being our choice of attitude. If you can choose to get out of bed and do whatever you do each day, you can also choose to have a positive attitude, and find ways to enjoy even the most tedious of tasks. The choice is always yours.

Inconvenient things happen all the time, but how you react to them shows your character. Thinking the worst includes a wide array of negative thoughts such as: "Why does this have to happen to me?" "Why am I (are we) so unlucky?" "Is s/he going to die? Please don't let her/him die" You get the idea?

There's no point in living a paranoid life, no matter what happens. Choose to look up all the time.

Here are five ways to think positively, in spite of negative life threads.

* Look for the good in people
As much as you think it is tough or that everything is against you, it is not. There are decent human beings in the world who are always willing to help us. Don't let the negative people take this understanding away from you. Otherwise, you become just like them. However, remember that the real help is when they help you help yourself. As the old adage goes, "Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day - teach them how to fish, and you feed them for life.  

* Be thankful  
Don't ever worry about material things. As cliche as it sounds, we've got to be grateful. You can give thanks that things didn't turn out worse, which was always possible. Whilst you're being thankful, also be thankful for what you have. From time to time, things can appear crazy, but be super thankful that it all turns out well in the end.  
* Going back to your loving roots
We can get so caught up in the rat race that 'busy' has become normal. Also, somewhere along the line, skewed ideas of independence and introversion contribute to us forgetting our roots. There's so much noise in the world that we forget about what's important in life - mainly the fact that we're loved. There is something wonderful about time spent with those we love and this can't be matched with our time alone. Hug a loved one, your dog, cat, rat or horse today, and think how lucky you are that this 'being' is a part of your life. So let's not forget. Let whatever happens allow you to see what is truly important in life. Then don't ever let it go.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

* Be smart, be safe
I'm hesitant to suggest that 'Everything happens for a reason' because it sounds too trite. As mentioned, leading a paranoid life is not a life at all. That's not how a person learns things. There're always so many learning lessons in everything. You can absorb as much as you want, but be smart about it. Balance it out with your new mindset and keep looking forward. The past has no future.
* Inspire others
Let others in to be part of your journey. When you spread the lessons out, you can help others with what you have learnt. Many people can relate to what you are going through. Not only can you learn even more from others, but you can also help them. Inspire people with your experience and the learning that arises from it. Attitude is contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Be Positive. Be Inspired and Serve Others.

I'm very grateful for the chance to write this email to you and am even more thrilled if if helps you.

A summary would be something like: Don't be too upset if 'bad things' happen to you, because it will be over soon. Be thankful for the lessons you will learn, as they will create great strides for your future. Be smart, be safe and most of all, just be happy.


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