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From me to you - Purpose

15 Feb 2014   Shanti Gowans
Many of us hurry through life, going from one place to the next, focused on conquering the next mountain, running the next errand, making the next deal, and so on, with barely enough time to do all the things we need to get done. Yet, there is all the time in the world, if we just realised that we are the creators of the life we choose to live.

Stress is really our choice. If it's getting too much, you can choose not to indulge yourself. Simplify your life. Here are some reminders about everything that matters today.

Instead of living a conventional life, seeking security and status from the outside, experience life as it unfolds divinely. Travel across all cultural boundaries and make profound connections with other like-minded souls. You'll never be happier.

Experience life with less judgment and stop second-guessing yourself. Free yourself from fear, guilt, anger and feeling overwhelmed, by allowing your daily meditation to help you connect with your soul and access your courage to follow it.

Heal from the inside out, by using the power of your mind and also your breath. Stop sabotaging your life and relationships, and let go of worrying. To take in the full experience of living, replace fear with exhilaration.

Rejuvenate your mind and body. Discover the secret to having a radiant body which vibrates in tune with the earth, planets and stars. The practice of Shanti Yoga by coursing light energy through your limbs, enhances your mental abilities. Its practice can help you heal destructive cellular memories and bypass subconscious blockages.

To find ourselves, realise ourselves and transcend, we can ask the following questions, which can also serve as prompts to us:
- Am I generating happiness?
- Am I creating and contributing meaningful ideas and work?
- Am I loving others openly?
- Am I achieving my potential and living each day coming from my God-space?

"Life is not easy for any of us. But, what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. "
Marie Curie

You came into this world with a purpose, a mission to fulfi. Your soul's destiny is to love, and by so doing, you will understand the meaning of life and it's divine principles. Love is free from desire. It is thus different from attraction. Through the reality of past, present and future experiences, you will find wisdom. When you connect your life with your mind, body and presence, you uncover faith, hope, humility, gratitude and trust, you are in touch with the infinite truth. You see the true light of your infinite being. Do not underestimate the power and integrity of your presence. Don't just live a life, choose one.

Choicest blessing and much love,


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