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Healthy Choices - From me to you

31 Mar 2014   Shanti Gowans
Every day, every hour, every moment of your life, you face choices.  You can take a simple, positive action that can bring benefits to your life, or you can take a simple, negative one that will produce different results. Simple actions, repeated over time, will determine the life you lead both personally and professionally. Little things matter.
Here are a few things you could do in your life, every day, which could have a huge impact on your life. They will also be beneficial for your health, happiness and well being.
There will surely be heaps of other great things you may want to do on a daily basis, but if you start by adopting these five suggestions, you will enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.
Eat healthy, real food. Your body will thank you
To keep your body happy and healthy make sure you eat healthy foods, such as nuts, fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes, drink enough water and avoid junk food, processed food, sweets and alcohol. Most people don’t feel the effects of bad nutritional habits immediately, but they surely build up in the long run. If you are not sure, ask yourself “If I loved myself, would I do this?” You will be surprised how much better you feel when you adopt healthy habits. You will have more energy, be less tired during the day and therefore less irritable, sleep better, be able to concentrate, and there are so many other great benefits. By changing your eating habits, you can change your entire life. You owe it to yourself. It requires some discipline in the beginning, but the huge benefits you gain from a healthy diet are well worth it.
Enjoy your life in the here and now
An important aspect about a life well lived, is to feel good. So, it is important to do things you can in order to be happy and to feel good right here and right now. Don’t put off your happiness for the future. Don’t tell yourself that you will enjoy your life five years from now when you've made enough money, or when you've reached your career goals. If you put off your happiness until later, the time to be happy may never come.You deserve to be happy, successful and truly live the life of your dreams. Decide to be happy today. It doesn’t take a lot. Take a walk with your dog. Enjoy a good movie. Have a relaxing bath, read an interesting book, meditate, do some Shanti yoga…
Laugh a lot
The more you laugh, the happier you will be. Don’t worry what others may think or say about you. If you feel like it, simply laugh out loud and enjoy it. There are all sorts of things that can make a person laugh, such as a good comedy, a dog playing in the park, children having fun, someone telling a joke. I’m sure you can find many opportunities every day to laugh or smile.
Move your body

Exercising your body is equally important as healthy nutrition. I’m not suggesting that you should do extreme sports, or even go jogging or do a 2 hour workout at the gym every day. Exercising and moving your body can be as simple as taking a fifteen minute walk five times a week. What’s more important is that you do something on a regular basis. And doing just a little bit is still better than doing nothing at all. So, if you only have five minutes, then get some fresh air and take a  five minute walk.

Simply be yourself
This sounds simpler than it really is, but it’s tremendously important for your well being and happiness. No matter what others may think or say about you, simply be yourself, be authentic and do whatever you think is best for you. Take off all your heavy, uncomfortable masks and allow yourself to be your true self, which is beyond your self image.


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