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Heaven or Hell

24 Mar 2016   Shanti Gowans
Joe asked about the difference between heaven and hell, and an angel said: “Come with me, I’ll show you”.
They first visited hell. Here they saw a big group of people sitting around a large pot that had a stew cooking in it.
Despite that, they were all starving and desperate. Each person had a spoon that was long enough to reach the pot, but too long to reach their mouth. The suffering was devastating.
”Now let me show you heaven” said the angel. Joe was surprised that heaven had the same set up: The big pot of stew in the middle, and people with the long spoons. But everyone was happy and satisfied..
“How is this possible?” asked Joe “Why are they all happy here, and miserable in hell? The conditions are the same!”
“It’s simple” said the angel “In heaven they learned to feed each other!”
On first reading, you too might think that this is quite inspirational, and that people are their own worst enemies when they think only of themselves. And perhaps this story leans towards unselfishness and loving each other enough to be of help, one to the other. It fosters a joy that’s grows larger and larger than the entire group itself. It send the message that there is no satisfying ‘I’ , but there is a satisfying “we/us” in love.

However, a at another level, perhaps a place isn’t heaven when its inhabitants must share a single pot, and lack the intelligence, will, or power to make their own bowls and spoons. A “heaven” on those terms is a hell.

Do something worthy.



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