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Holistic Integrated Healing

7 Jul 2018   Shanti Gowans

Today we are being introduced to an integrated system of holistic healing that is simple and univsersal.

Healing emerges from sustaining the consciousness that nurtures both holistic medicine and spirituality, integrating their insights and skills, and rooted in the perennial principle of healing as personal evolution.

The search for wholeness for many of us has been both our professional as well as our personal quest.

We realise that we must look beyond the mind (and medicine orientated psychiatry) to embody and convey the boldness of ancient healing traditions with our modern sciences. The most profound healing has it roots in a process of radical spiritual unfoldment.

Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda has provided me with solid grounding in healing work that rings true for me in the deepest and most satisfying ways. Combining nature's medicinals (plants and other natural substances), with commonsense essentials such as diet, exercise and cleansing, together with the most profound principles of character building and spiritual and psychological transformation. The practices and techniques for healing do not create negatie side effects. They are effective because they promote growth and evolution - mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I acknowledge the extent to which my life is a compendium of many profound lessons taught to me by amazing teachers and courageous seekers. Our lives also bear the imprint of those who taught us about healing by helping us up when we were broken. The principles include:

• Healing requires letting go of what is familiar and stepping into the unknown.

• Healing may mean challenging belief systems and daring to break taboos.

- Look at both (all) side of every issue.

• Healing is about getting past the ego, even though that is what my (our) culture is built on.

• Hesling involves reconnecting with lost aspects of myself, some of which exist in other than my familiar "reality".

• Healing myself is an indispensable piece of the healing of the whole planet - my (our) darkness is part of the net that holds me (us all) captive.

• Healing is the purpose of my (our) life (lives). Healing is what I'm here for.



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