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Letting Go

3 Aug 2018   Shanti Gowans
You cannot force the universe
to give you what you want.
You can attract it.
We complicate things because we are afraid to decide.
This could partly arise from fear of the unknown…
"what will happen if",
and partly our fear of making a mistake, 
afraid of making a 'wrong' decision,
fearing that we will be permanently 
locked into the consequences of our choices.
But what if there are no "wrong" choices,
only choices.
Even if we don't make the best choice,
we will be guided to what we need to learn.
You can only anticipate so much,
but in life we find ourselves 
having to make constant, instantaneous changes in the moment,
as each new situation arises.
The power of any illusion
is its ability to keep us thinking
that the illusion is real.
Breakthroughs rarely happen when we are stressed.
They happen when we finally let go and stop struggling.
Resistance is at the heart of struggle.
It might feel like what you resisting is "out there",
but the resistance is really inside you.
If you are resisting anything, you are resisting yourself.
Resistance increase the amount of struggle in life,
making things harder than they have to be,
and prolonging getting where we want to be,
thus increasing the experience of scarcity. 
Letting go of the illusion of struggle
involves letting go of both the past and the future
to activate what is needed right now.
It is not your hard work that creates results,
but your ability to give up struggling
and forcing things to happen.
Flow happens when you let go,
acccept and embrace what is.
Release your death grip on resistance and insistence
and step back into taking more conscious choices.
Flow is the lack of resistance.
It is effortless.
The magic that arises from believing in possibilities
and then getting out of your own way.


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