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Master your Mind, Master your Life - Eliminate your Fear of Failure

18 Sep 2015   Shanti Gowans

Most people like things to be simple and distilled into an easy formula. Simplicity allows for consistent repetition. Repetition is the mother of skill. Skill is the foundation of mastery. Mastery is where artistry is born. And living exceptionally is most definitely an art. 

Shanti Yoga teaches you essential practices to consistently annihilate stress, self-sabotage, negativity and other destructive patterns, so you can move from chaos to clarity, from inaction to action, from self doubt to self confidence, embody your full potential and live your exceptional life.  

Eliminate Your Fear of Failure and Soar to Greater Success

The fear of failure can alter every choice you make. While this fear can be helpful if you are able to use it as motivation to do your best work, however, most of us are influenced by this fear in a negative way. Thus most of us often change our plans altogether and find an alternative that feels safer. This is a sure way to limit your results and experience feelings of regret. If the fear of failure has had a negative impact on your life, know that dealing with the fear of failure is something everyone faces. Avoid allowing fear to dictate and limit your life. Remember that the fear is self-created.

You can choose to have an attitude that supports your success. You can put the fear of failure behind you if you:

Understand that failure is part of the process

You are very fortunate if you figure out the right way to do something the first time you attempt anything. For most people, short-term failure is much more common. Anytime you want to accomplish something significant, you can expect failures to be part of the process. Do not be disheartened. Keep improving your process until you succeed.

Realise that failure is only a temporary condition

A single failure isn’t a permanent condition. Failure is like a cloudy day. The sun will always show up again.

Find meaning

With enough motivation, fear will not be an issue. For example, if you  feel overly shy at work, perhaps you are not working in the right field or with the right company for you. When you have enough passion for something, fear is much easier to overcome.

Failure is not personal

Failing only means that your approach wasn’t the best option. It doesn’t say anything about you as a person. Even the most talented people deal with failure on a regular basis. A wrong choice isn’t indicative of a fatal flaw.

Stay present

You can not worry if your mind is not living in the future. When you project a negative outcome you can expect to become anxious. Reality is happening right now. The future is only a daydream. In this very second, you are okay. You will be okay in the next second, too. However, if you insist on thinking about the future, imagine success. 

Learn to enjoy fear

If your life is not in danger, being afraid is a sign that you are doing something new. Only new behaviours will change your life. Do not want to live the same day repeatedly. Take that uncomfortable feeling as a sign that something amazing might happen.

Minimise fear by taking action

The people that are most afraid tend to be the most paralysed, however they did not start out that way. You were not born afraid of the things that you fear today. But by giving in to fear, you teach your brain that fear is an effective way to control your behaviour. It will continue ratcheting up the fear because it knows it works. Accepting fear and taking action has the opposite effect. You can teach yourself that fear does not need to impact your behaviour negatively. In time, the amount of fear you feel delibitated by will decrease.

Look ahead

If you continue to allow fear to dictate your behaviour, what will your life look like in 20 years? Consider how different your life would be if fear did not control your actions. Would you rather be a little uncomfortable now or be filled with regret for the rest of your life?

View failure as an opportunity to learn

Failure might provide a small sting, but the information you gain is invaluable. A few, small improvements are often enough to turn a failure into a success. Look for the lesson and apply it to your next attempt. 

Choicest blessings and namaste,


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