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Matter and Energy

17 Dec 2012   Shanti Gowans
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller  

We are all matter and energy.
Matter perishes, disintegrates and dissolves.
This we call death.
Energy, on the other hand,
is a dimension in all relationships and all beings,
that is merely liberated        
from one corporeal body     
to another, giving it life.
Institutions that ignore energetic dimensions
increase their chances of becoming biological garages
where dysfunctional human parts
are repaired or replaced.
Such prisons of techniques
grossly obscure
the integrity and scope
of human beings.
A narrow definition of evidence based reality
which replaces supposed truth
with that which is described in numbers
rather than that which can only be described in words,
leaves no scope for that which cannot be expressed
by numbers or words,
only to be directly known.
When we trade mystery for mastery,
we pay a heavy price.
We lose the ability to meet honestly with the unknown,
to share questions as well as answers.
We forget how to listen.
Caught up in the material world,
we are unaware of the living god
that dances on our backs.  
Mystery is not an idea.
It is an experience,
a willingness to let the mask of habit
that makes things familiar
fall away
in order to catch a glimpse
of something different.
In this holy moment
arises the unfamiliar feeling of gratitude.
We learn to trust a part of ourselves
that is not acquired, but inborn,
unashamed by the lack of
We let go of the need to understand
and simply be
for one another.

Choicest blessings
...your own...Shantiji
16 Dec 2012 


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