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Overcoming boulders - yoga story

7 Feb 2016   Shanti Gowans
During the days of the reign of King Ashoka, his people lived happily and abundantly. The king was conscious about keeping them happy and considered the people in his kingdom as his own family. He took utmost care to fulfill every need of his citizens. However, King Ashoka sometimes heard about tantrums from his court, that some people in his kingdom were bad mouthing him for various reasons, and seemed to be dissatisfied about everything.
Determined to find out what made his fellowmen feel so displeased, one day he decided to take a visit to examine what concerned the people. He visited the towns and cities in disguise…That way he could really tell what’s going on.At first he was delighted to see there were no unhappy people he ran into! He then decided to place a huge boulder in the middle of the road to test the people who pass by, and see what they would do. His soldiers placed the boulder on the road and all of them hid nearby to watch what happened next.
The huge boulder covered half the road and caused a disturbance for riding vehicles. Many wealthy people traveled on this road; and simply walked around the boulder. Nobody really seemed to care about the boulder disturbing the traffic so badly. People from the King’s own court also saw the boulder and did nothing to move it out of the way. In addition, they bad-mouthed the king for not maintaining the roads properly. The king was dismayed as these were the people he believed to be his loyal group of well-wishers.
Then, a fruit seller passed by the road with his fruit cart. He stopped when he saw the boulder, put aside his merchandise, and tried to move the stone. After several attempts of pushing, lifting and moving the boulder, he succeeded in removing the obstacle from the road. He saw a big bag under the rock, which he opened, and was pleasantly surprised. The bag had a note saying: ‘Here is a gift for you. It contains 1000 gold coins and is meant for the person who removes this obstacle from the road.’
This story is enriching and full of wisdom. Every obstacle you face in our life has an opportunity right under it. Do not be disturbed by challenges that life throws at you everyday. Be patient and determined. Overcome and win over it, rather than trying to avoid and escape from challenges. Cultivating patience and perseverance in anything you do in life will bring success to an individual. Troubles cause expansion. When you know what you don’t want, you can start to work out what you do want. By bumping into walls, and discovering it hurts, you make sure you don’t do that again, you find a better path!


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