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Resonate with your calling

7 Feb 2016   Shanti Gowans
Your life partner, your calling / career, the home you live in, the place you live in, your friends, the food you eat, the clothes you wear…what dictates your decisions, big and small? Is it based on a whim? or on what’s trending at the time? a sense of belonging? the search to feel secure?
You may think that it is your conscious mind that is making decisions, but the science of psychology suggests the “pleasure-centre” has made the decision well before the more conscious cortex has a say. So what can you do to go beyond this fad-frenzied way?
You can know ourselves sufficiently to recognise what resonates. Cultivate the vision to reflect deeply on what is important to you and what brings you joy. Then synthesise it in a one page document. Your mission statement is one line that sums up your life’s direction.
My own personal vision, built on a solid foundation of meditation and yoga in its deepest understanding, is the embodiment of a still mind. My mission statement as a result, is ‘Living Peace’..I can confidently say that I ongoingly achieve both my vision and my mission statement 
Resonance is the exact matching of a vibrational quality. Something that resonates feels completely right on every level. You will recognise resonance because it goes beyond your conscious mind. That is to say, you cannot think your way to finding something that resonates. You must feel it with your very being.
Your vibrational resonance is imbued in you at conception. You will spend your whole life searching for matching resonance, and you can make it easier for yourself, or very difficult, indeed.
Here are some suggestions to resonante with your calling and build the life you dream of:
Realise you cannot force your way to anything - success, love, relationships, healing, and so on, because your these are not dependant on you. These are the strongest force on the planet.   Everything about the world you live in says “You are here to shine!”  Stop trying to control your destiny and, instead, let it guide you. Additionally, the small mind we function from on a daily basis cannot possibly fathom the many unknown factors presently merging to fulfil your destiny, most of which, do not exist as yet.
Realise that nothing is too good or beyond you.
Eileen Caddy, spiritual teacher and founder of Findhorn Community, says:“Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realise that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.”
Connect with your “Yes!”
Children don’t have to ask themselves what they enjoy.  They just do it and it feels good.
If you’ve spent many years being accommodating at your own expense, suppressing your needs or over-riding your creativity, you will have forgotten what your “Yes” feels like, let alone credit it enough to let it lead. You connect with your “Yes” any time you are free of others judgement.   In nature, during meditation, while making love, during creative process. If you connect with it enough, you will build more and more trust in making big decisions this way.
• Be around ‘Yes’ people
Though some unique individuals are capable of sustaining strong intent despite the odds, most mere mortals require support to follow through on significant change. Even leading spiritual leaders such as Thich Naht Hanh, founder of Plum Village Zen Buddhist Centre, consider that a sangha (practicing community) is necessary to sustaining spiritual practice in today’s world.
Who / where are the Yes people in your life?
Whatever you do, don’t chicken out
It is inevitable that your newfound courage will be questioned. You will tell yourself it’s too good to be true, or that you don’t deserve such happiness. This is the time to practice, ‘unbending intent’. 
Fear is nothing more than an old habit, a figment of the small mind.  It serves to realise itself as such and call on something yet tapped before. Realise the breaking of habit is 80% of the task.   That you are on the downhill now. Trust the process you yourself have started and you will see you have absolutely nothing to lose, and limitless happiness to be gained.
If you’d like to develop your personal vision and mission statement, if you’d like to find your resonance, connect with the sangha, or take guidance from someone who has and is walking the walk, join us. Living the life of resonance is not a luxury. It is what our foremothers and forefathers worked their whole lives for. It is the most self less act of all. When you choose the path of resonance, you give the gift to others. It is time to let go of the struggle and drink deeply of the resonance in your soul.


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