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Simply Be

30 Jun 2016   Shanti Gowans
We become increasingly aware that all that exists in time is the present moment, and that whatever is happening in the present is not good or bad, but simply, what is.
The key to living an awake, fulfilled life is the awareness of the present moment. The awareness of being in your physical body, feeling each inhalation and exhalation grounding you to what is. 
Life is always in transition from one moment to the next. The acceptance of what is, and how you interact with what is, can create a profound paradigm shift. 
As yogis, we choose to practice meditation and loving kindness as a way to stay fully aware of the present, the here and now. We strive to maintain a positive perspective on all the people we encounter in the world, the situations we find ourselves in, and our overall experience as a human being. It’s not easy to do. But the challenge to approach life from a place of compassion becomes much easier with the daily practice of present moment awareness. 
Pay attention to how you feel in your mind, body, heart, and soul. 
- How do you interact with people in your daily life? 
- Do you get attached to fragments of memory from the past and/or day dreams of future events? 
- Are you being your own best friend? 
Notice what you notice. 


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