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The Best of 2011

31 Dec 2011   Shanti Gowans
The end of a calendar year has come up once more, and as most of us take some time to review the best and worst of 2011, I trust that you arrive at an understanding that, at the end of the day, what matters most, is that it was a year full of happiness and love. Naturally, in the course of the year there are always experiences and challenges that make you reflect, and from which you learn. The hardships that each of us face along the way can be difficult to bear. Yet they can be ameliorated when you see their connection to your spiritual path as a
whole. It helps make sense of our individual experiences of chaos and destruction. Mining these, they become the fertile ground to develop your previously untapped inner power and strength. Life is about moving beyond our theories about the spiritual path into the actual practice of it. Pain and suffering are not the result of 'doing it wrong'. The path leading to the cessation of suffering necessarily includes suffering. We learn to accept the inevitability of difficulty, and find new ways of coping with challenge. 
However the year 2011 panned out for you, take your opportunity to bring this year to an end in joyous celebration of all that Life is, and welcome the coming year with joy, right from the beginning. 
Support your heart in 2012 with a renewal of your commitment to deepening
practice, and your presence at events and situations with Shantiji and the
community that encourage this.
New Year brings a new beginning, a fresh start, a New Year full of possibilities. 
Love every moment. Spend time in a way that makes you feel happy, and share your happiness with others. 
The cosmos, formless and giving rise to thousands of forms, heads, hands and legs, or none, is the source of innumerable avatars.
With New year's resolutions in mind, we select love, laughter and wellness for
2012 and look forward to sharing a year of possibilities with you. 
Much love and all hope that 2012 will be full of growth and advancement towards your dreams.
The Shanti Yoga family
Shanti Yoga classes re-commence on the 9th of January, Shantiji will be back to teach on Wednesday 11th Jan at 6:30pm (Deep relaxation and self healing) followed by Yoga at 7:30pm. 


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